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Nationally-recognized Attorney Launches Comprehensive Database of Clergy Accused of Sexual Misconduct in the Diocese of Greensburg

Horowitz Law
March 7, 2019

Adam Horowitz, a nationally-recognized advocate for survivors of clergy sexual abuse, announces the launch of a new database of clergy and lay employees accused of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Greensburg. The database, which includes 23 priests as of today, is believed to be the most comprehensive list of accused offenders in the Diocese of Greensburg available.

For the benefit of survivors and journalists alike, Horowitz and his team have painstakingly prepared individual profiles on more than 500 accused offenders in Pennsylvania to consolidate available information about their backgrounds, alleged crimes, and, in the case of offenders who are still alive, their current locations. Many of these profiles include photographs that are not available anywhere else.

The list was compiled using the names identified in the 2018 Grand Jury report, the Diocese of Greensburg's list of credibly accused individuals, media reports, and court records.

The Greensburg database also includes priests who belong to religious orders, such as the Jesuits and the Oblates. The Diocese of Greensburg fund is one of very few funds that will compensate those victimized by religious Order priests, such as the Benedictines.

Similar funds in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and across New York State specifically and arbitrarily excluded claims made by anyone abused by non-diocesan priests, nuns, and lay employees.

However, the Diocese of Greensburg recently and unexpectedly announced that it will exclude the claims of anyone who had not reported their abuse to the Diocese of Greensburg before the day the fund
  opened.The Bishop offered no explanation was offered for this arbitrary exclusion, which does not exist in the overwhelming majority of claims funds in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

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