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Hear Pete Seeger's Unreleased "This Land Is Your Land"---------- Oorspronkelijk bericht ----------
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Datum: 1 maart 2019 om 17:04
Onderwerp: Hear Pete Seeger's Unreleased "This Land Is Your Land"


This Land Is Your Land - Live at University of Tulsa, 1976

In anticipation of our upcoming box-set  Pete Seeger: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection, we are excited to share with Folkways listeners a rare and previously unreleased recording of Pete at the University of Tulsa in 1976, leading the crowd in a raucous, rebellious take on Woody Guthrie's iconic "This Land Is Your Land." 

From Billboard : "Featuring plenty of ad-libs, self-awareness and two original verses that rarely get performed. 'Woody wrote a lot of verses that did not get in the school songbooks,' Seeger told the University of Tulsa crowd before tossing out lyrics about hungry people outside welfare offices. He also described verses others had added to Guthrie's sing-along anthem, including one sung from a Native American perspective on how 'this land was stole by you from me.'"

Listen to the track, and pre-order the set, here.

Pete Seeger: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection  is a career-spanning anthology of one of America’s most quintessential, celebrated, and influential musicians. Featuring a large-format 200-page book, 6 CDs recordings, 20 previously unreleased tracks, historic live performances, and special collaborations, this set encompasses over 60 years of Pete’s Folkways catalog, released on the occasion of his 100th birthday.


Iconic Women of Folkways on Vinyl

Celebrate Women's History Month with vinyl! The Smithsonian Folkways Vinyl Reissue Series continues with classic releases from Folkways icons Elizabeth Cotten, Mary Lou Williams, and Lucinda Williams. Lovingly redesigned from original prints, materials, and photographs, and remastered from original LP master tapes by GRAMMY-award winning sound engineer Pete Reiniger, the Reissue Series gives fans the opportunity to experience the music in its original format – down to the iconic black textured Folkways tip-on style jacket and liner notes booklet. Order your copies here.
For a limited time, purchase all three as a bundle to receive a complimentary Folkways slipmat, and be the envy of all audiophiles!


Songs of Our Native Daughters

Have you heard Songs of Our Native Daughters yet? The album is now available wherever you get your music. Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Allison Russell, and Leyla McCalla have created what No Depression calls "the album we so desperately need" -- see what others are saying about the album:

"A tribute to the strength and resilience of black women in the antebellum era...their music is an act of reclamation." - TIME Magazine

"Giddens has done as much as any contemporary musician — or historian, for that matter — to demonstrate how reviving and riffing on traditional styles and repertoires can, and should, go hand in hand with unflinching, informed acknowledgement of the shameful realities that shaped them. Kiah, Russell and McCalla joined her in an artistic mission to supplant the portrayals of slavery as an abstract, ancient sin with the imaginative, immersive contemplation of its individual human impact and aftermath." - NPR Music

"A crucial pronouncement in folk music...the culmination of a movement of 21st-century singers, artists, songwriters and instrumentalists of color who have been reclaiming the racially heterogeneous lineages of folk, country and American roots music." - Rolling Stone

Check out Spotify's Fresh Folk, Pulse of Americana, and Trad Folk playlists for streaming singles.

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Making "Black Myself" with Amythyst Kiah and Our Native Daughters

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