dinsdag, december 29, 2020

Joel tijd

Season's greetings from The National Archives

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Feest van de Onnozele Kinderen


van Allerheiligen tot Sint Juttemus

Row, row, row your boat

vrijdag, december 25, 2020

Desmond Tutu nativity story: "maar dan moet er wél geluisterd worden" *


* adagium voorzitter KNR,  Br. van Dam.

donderdag, december 24, 2020


scan van fotokopie van Kinderboek uit archief Congregatie Zusters van de Voorzienigheid Amsterdam

K L I K 

woensdag, december 23, 2020

Sister Abhaya, Kerala


1992 - 27--3- 1973 - 2020 



headcoaching ; do I look like a truckdriver to you?




taking the knee

"The peaceful night that round me flows,
breaks through your iron prison doors,
free through the world your spirit goes,
forbidden hands are clasping yours.
The wind is our confederate
the night has left the doors ajar;
we meet beyond earth's barred gate,
where all the world's wild rebels are."



dinsdag, december 22, 2020

maandag, december 21, 2020

Anibal e As Seis Marias

uma mosca sem valor

pousa, c'o a mesma alegria,

na careca de um doutor

como em qualquer porcaria.


woensdag, december 09, 2020

A mula da cooperativa

The children taken from home for a social experiment Denmark apologises



 Denmark's prime minister  has apologised to 22 children who were removed from their homes in Greenland in the 1950s in a failed social experiment.

They were taken to Denmark to be re-educated as "little Danes" who could later return to foster cultural links.

But when 16 did return they were put in an orphanage and many did not see their families again. Only six are now alive.


One of the children, Helene Thiesen, who told her story to the BBC in 2015, said the apology meant everything.

Greenland is now an autonomous territory within the kingdom of Denmark and relies on Copenhagen for management of currency, foreign relations and defence, as well as the provision of a large annual subsidy.

A report on the case of the children, who were from Greenland's indigenous Inuit population, was published on Tuesday.

It was in 1951 when Danish authorities decided that one way to modernise Greenland would be to create a new type of Greenlander.

Teachers and priests were asked to identify children who could be re-educated and given a "better life" in mainland Denmark, and then return to be role models for Greenland-Denmark relations.

Many families were reluctant but some gave way, and in May 1951, the ship MS Disko set sail from Nuuk with 22 children on board.

Helene Thiesen, now 75 but seven at the time, said that her mother, who had been left alone with three children after their father's death, told her that Denmark was "just like paradise. You don't have to be sad".

On arrival the children were deprived of contact with relatives, had Danish-Greenlandic language difficulties and were placed in foster homes.

Helene only discovered why she had been taken away in 1996 when she was 52 years old, and she never rebuilt her relationship with her mother.

She said she had spoken to some of the other children at times and they "felt a sense of loss and a lack of self-belief".


What did Denmark say?

The apology has been a long time coming, with previous governments feeling they had not been responsible for the original scheme.

But Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen changed that, saying in a statement: "We cannot change what happened. But we can take responsibility and apologise to those we should have cared for but failed to do."

She said she had sent a letter to each of the six children still alive with "an unreserved and long-awaited apology on behalf of Denmark".

"I have been following the case for many years and I am still deeply touched by the human tragedies it contains," Ms Frederiksen said.

Helene Thiesen told news agency Ritzau: "I am relieved that the apology has finally been delivered. It is really, really important. It means everything. I've been fighting for this since 1998."

Greenland's Prime Minister Kim Kielsen said co-operation with Denmark and Greenland had developed, adding: "Today we are equals, looking back on history together."

dinsdag, december 08, 2020

zondag, december 06, 2020

Donald Kasca " en wat dan nog? " I have a dream

lawyer revealed that  Hungarian diplomat lost 30 kilos !!




zaterdag, december 05, 2020

Trouw: karavaanserai bubbels

  je gaat er door de ene deur uit en de andere weer in



naar:  Emine Sevgi Özdamar, 

en haar Geuzenpocket

Moge ook zij een Praagse bontjas hebben,

een Tantetje en een nicht

voor een nieuw Boek 


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