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Jesuits Were Warned About Abusive Priest

by Barbara Bradley Hagerty
October 29, 2007 ·

Father Donald McGuire sexually abused two teenaged boys in the 1960s. That much is public record: He was convicted in a criminal trial last year.

As recently as nine weeks ago, Jesuit leaders insisted that they had no knowledge of any other abuse by the renowned priest. But documents show that over the past 38 years, Jesuit leaders were alerted many times about McGuire's behavior — even as criminal and civil cases were under way. That raises the question: What happened to those records?

"They either destroyed documents relevant to criminal activity, or they lied," said Marc Pearlman, an attorney for several plaintiffs.

Pearlman has obtained copies of 25 documents from families of alleged victims, which he gave to NPR. They indicate that McGuire had sexual relationships with at least seven teenage boys between 1969 and 2004 (three others have since been identified). The documents include letters from family members to top Jesuit leaders, as well as letters from Jesuit leaders discussing the problem. Pearlman said because the Jesuits failed to act after the first report, a sexual predator had free access to young men for nearly 40 years.

Edward Schmidt, the provincial, or leader, of the Jesuits in Chicago, said they were not protecting McGuire.

"We were treating him as a member of the Jesuit order," he said in a phone interview. "We were proceeding as though he were a good person, you know, until we became aware of some of these issues that have now become public. Were we trying to protect him from authorities? Not in any way."

First Signs of Trouble
Until very recently, Donald McGuire was one of the most prominent Jesuits of his day. In 1983, he became the spiritual director of Mother Teresa's organization and her confessor. He led Ignatian retreats, calling people to an intimate relationship with God.

As he traveled the world, McGuire often brought a teenage boy with him as an intern, and devout Catholic families jumped at the privilege.

The first signs of trouble surfaced in 1969, in a case that would eventually result in McGuire's criminal conviction. A 14-year old freshman at Loyola Academy, a high school near Chicago, met Father McGuire when the young priest was assigned to be his counselor. McGuire soon persuaded the teenager and his father to let him board at the school. McGuire said the boy would sleep in a nearby room. But McGuire immediately moved the boy to his own room and "then the abuse turned physical," according to the victim, now 51 years old.

"There's only one bed inside the room, so sleeping quarters were to sleep in the same bed together," the man said in a phone interview.

As recently as 2005, the Jesuits said they had no knowledge of this. But documents suggest they did. The boy had told his parish priest about the abuse. The priest wrote the Jesuits running the school in November 1969, and Pearlman has a copy of that letter. The said the Jesuits told him they would take care of McGuire. They put McGuire on sabbatical, and he did not return to the school. But three years later, the then-teenager realized they had not done enough.

"I was walking down one of the lanes at Loyola University," he told NPR, "and ran smack dab into Father McGuire toting a little boy with him, in the ages of like 13 to 14 years old."

Documents show that McGuire had a pattern: He would persuade a family to let their teenage son intern with him, and quickly move the boy into his room. And then, according an alleged victim who asked that his name not be used, McGuire would give the boy a sexual education, using the sacred rite of confession.

"We underwent something called a 'general confession,' whereby you just lay out your sins," the alleged victim, a young man, told NPR. "And the priest will help you, talk you through it, maybe give you some guidelines for the future. And his guidelines were to teach me about sex."

He says the guidelines included naked showers, massage and pornography. Between 1999 and 2002, the young man says he traveled with McGuire every summer, Easter and Christmas, and lived with him at Canisius House, a residence with other Jesuit priests. He said he cannot understand how they did not catch on that a teenager was living with a priest.

"How could they not know? I was in his room almost all the time," the young man said. "The food was being brought in. His secretary would drop me off. How could you not know?"

Father Edward Schmidt, the provincial since 2003, says it's an excellent question.

"I can see why the public would wonder about that," he says. "But Donald McGuire just had his own way of doing things. He could sneak people around late at night. It does seem very difficult, but I can believe that no other Jesuit knew about it. Other Jesuits would have been outraged if they had known that. If anybody had seen that going on, known that was going on, he would have been denounced immediately."

Wisconsin Suit
In the summer of 2003, the man who abused in the 1960s and Vic Bender, another man who was abused by the young priest around the same time, sued McGuire and the Jesuits. That suit led to a criminal case against the priest — not in Illinois, where the statute of limitations has run out, but in Wisconsin, where McGuire had taken the two teenagers, separately, on weekend trips. The district attorney there told NPR that he could not subpoena documents across state lines. He asked the Jesuits if they had records that would indicate McGuire had abused any boys since the late 1960s. He said, "I naively relied on their goodness."

The Jesuits said they had nothing.

"The statement by the Jesuits by the DA in Wisconsin — there's no other way to characterize it but a bald-faced lie," says attorney Marc Pearlman. "We now have the documents that show they had a great deal of material."

Pearlman said that one family wrote to Jesuit leaders in October 2000, asking them to investigate concerns they had about their son being forced to sleep on the same bed with the McGuire.

"And the Jesuits wrote back to them that, initially, 'We're looking into it,'" Pearlman said. "But pretty much for the next three years, [the Jesuits] told them that how they're investigating and what they're doing is none of their business," Pearlman said.

Or, as the Jesuit handling the case wrote, "We would hope that you would trust us to act appropriately."

Letters go back and forth until 2003, when the first civil lawsuit was filed. Eventually, McGuire was convicted of sexual assault. He has been sentenced to seven years in prison and is out pending appeal.

Provincial Edward Schmidt admits the Jesuits missed red flags.

"As I look back, in hindsight, there are lots of things we should have done differently," he says. "The fact of the matter is, we're dealing with someone who does his own thing. We had directives in place. We could have been stronger in managing him, but we were not. I wish we had been."

What about those documents, and Pearlman's allegations that the Jesuits lied or destroyed them? Schmidt says it's a mystery. The Jesuits recently hired a former FBI agent, Kathleen McChesney, to scour McGuire's files. The agent told NPR she has already found allegations going back to 1993.

As for McGuire, he remains a priest but cannot perform priestly duties. On Thursday, a Wisconsin judge will hear his motion for a new criminal trial. In a brief phone conversation, McGuire said he's "very hopeful" about the outcome.

Timeline: Abuse Allegations Against Father McGuire
The following is a timeline of allegations of abuse against Father Donald McGuire, put together by lawyers for the plaintiffs. Not all of the alleged victims in the timeline are plaintiffs, and not all of the documents cited in the timeline have been made public.
July 9, 1930: Donald J. McGuire is born in Oak Park, IL.
Aug. 21, 1947: McGuire enters the Jesuit Order.
1961: McGuire is ordained as a Jesuit priest.
Early 1960s: McGuire allegedly abuses Victim 1 in Europe.
1965: McGuire begins teaching at Loyola Academy, a high school in Chicago.
1966-1968: McGuire allegedly abuses Vic Bender (Victim 2) at Loyola Academy.
1968: McGuire allegedly abuses Victim 3 at Loyola Academy.
1968-1969: McGuire allegedly abuses Victim 4 at Loyola Academy.
Nov. 29, 1969: Father Charles Schlax, a Chicago Archdiocese priest and the pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, writes to Father John Reinke, S.J., the president of Loyola Academy, to confirm their telephone conversation about the sexual abuse of Victim 4 (relayed to Father Schlax by Victim 4 earlier that day). The letter says that Victim 4 said McGuire is a "pervert."
McGuire transferred to Loyola University, also in Chicago.
1983: Thirteen years after the Jesuits first learned of Victim 4's allegations of sexual abuse by McGuire, McGuire becomes the spiritual director for the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa's order. He becomes Mother Teresa's confessor.
1986: Victim 9 is born. McGuire baptizes him and becomes his godfather.
1987-94: McGuire's alleged molestation of Victim 5 (then 8 or 9 years old) begins.
Oct. 24, 1987: Victim 10 (brother of Victim 5) is born.
McGuire baptizes him. McGuire also baptized his younger siblings.
July 1993 – Jan. 1994: Several letters are exchanged between the father of Victim 6 and the Jesuits regarding what the father feels is McGuire's inappropriate contact with the teenager.
Summer 1999: Victim 9 goes to Chicago to "live" with McGuire at Canisius House. McGuire allegedly uses confessions as a means to begin fondling Victim 9, who alleges that McGuire sexually molested him hundreds of times between 1999 and 2004, including regular abuse during confession.
Oct. 25, 2000: The parents of Victim 7 (McGuire's assistant from June 1998 to August 1999) write the Jesuits (Father McGurn), alleging that McGuire had shown pornography to their child and saying their son's emotional state "alarmed" them.
Oct. 27, 2000: The parents of Victim 8 (another assistant to McGuire) write a detailed letter to McGurn following a September 2000 phone conversation outlining their concerns about McGuire's relationship with their son. They report that McGuire made their teenage son sleep in the same bed with him in 1999-2000.
Jan 10, 2001: McGurn writes back to the parents of Victim 8, refusing to share any details about how the allegations would be handled. "We hope you would trust us [Jesuits] to act appropriately." There is no record of the Jesuits doing anything to restrict McGuire at or around that time. In fact, at that time, Victim 9 continued to live with McGuire when he was
not at school; he was allegedly sexually abused almost daily when he was with McGuire.
Fall 2001: McGuire allegedly abuses Victim 10 on at least two occasions.
November 2001: Victim 10 accompanies McGuire, who is directing an Ignatian retreat, to assist and serve McGuire. Victim 10 sleeps in McGuire's room.
March 2002: Victim 5 marries. McGuire witnesses the wedding. The family hosts a fundraiser for McGuire's missionary work the next day. McGuire allegedly sexually assaults Victim 10 (brother of Victim 5) again throughout the weekend.
July 2002: McGuire takes Victim 10 on an eight-day retreat.
Dec. 7, 2002: The parents of Victim 8 contact the Archdiocese of Chicago. They tell the Cardinal's delegate that they are frustrated that their complaint to the Jesuits has not been resolved and that McGuire is still working in ministry.
Aug. 17, 2003: Victim 4 sues the Jesuits over his alleged sexual abuse. McGuire tells the father of Victims 5 and 10 that the plaintiff is just after money and will be made "to look foolish."
Sept. 25, 2003: Vic Bender (Victim 2) files suit against McGuire and the Jesuits for alleged abuse while he was a student at Loyola Academy.
Oct. 1, 2003: Father Edward Schmidt calls the parents of Victim 8, who had first complained three years ago, advising them that McGuire's faculties had been removed. He suggests that the action is the result of the parents' reports.
However, by that time, two civil lawsuits had been filed against the Jesuits and McGuire — by Bender and Victim 4 — and a criminal investigation was under way.
Summer 2004: McGuire allegedly sexually abuses Victim 9 for the last time, after the order told the parents of Victim 8 that McGuire had been disciplined.
Feb. 8, 2005: McGuire is arrested in Wisconsin and charged with sexually abusing Victim 4 and Bender.
February 2006: McGuire is convicted of five counts of sexual assault of a minor in Wisconsin. He remains free, pending appeal. He appears in court — and in his
sex-offenderregistry photo— in his Roman Catholic collar.
Jan. 15, 2007: The Rev. James Gschwend, S.J., meets with Victim 9.
Aug. 21, 2007: Victim 9 files a lawsuit against the Jesuits and McGuire.
September 2007: McGuire continues to wear a Roman Catholic collar and "act" like a priest in public. Father Edward Schmidt, S.J., provincial of the Jesuits, says he cannot prevent McGuire from wearing the collar.
Oct. 8, 2007: The father of Victims 5 and 10 writes a letter retracting support for McGuire at his 2006 trial. (A correction to some of the details of the letter is dated Oct. 18, 2007.)
Oct. 12, 2007: Victims 5 and 10 report sexual abuse by McGuire to the Jesuits.
Oct. 23, 2007: Victims 5 and 10 file suit against the Jesuits and McGuire.
McGuire remains free pending his appeal and has been seen on many occasions with
young men. He lives in a private residence in Oak Lawn, Ill. The Jesuits have
not indicated that they are monitoring him in any way. McGuire remains a Jesuit
priest, and the Jesuits have not indicated any intention of removing

— Based on a timeline released by plaintiffs' attorney Marc

Het gebruik van kinderen. Priesters en verkleedkisten 11

Een weinig amicaal confonterende methode:
Zonder hierbij op enigerlei wijze betrokkenen van pedofilie te beschuldigen, danwel dit te wensen of hiermee die indruk te willen wekken:

Het gebruik van kinderen (klik) en het nieuws van de afgelopen dagen.

Op de website van de pedofielenvereniging Martijn heeft een foto van
prinses Amalia gestaan. Het bijschrift van de foto luidde 'Ons koningshuis
heeft weer een hele nieuwe generatie prinsjes en prinsjes voortgebracht, en
gelukkig maar!', schrijft het Algemeen Dagblad vrijdag. De foto van de
dochter van kroonprins Willem-Alexander en prinses Máxima is inmiddels
verwijderd, meldt stopkindersex.com. Deze website tipte de
Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, die juridische stappen voorbereidde en in het AD
liet weten de plaatsing van de foto's niet te accepteren. Op de site zouden
ook seksueel getinte opmerkingen aan het adres van Amalia hebben gestaan,
schrijft de krant. Vereniging Martijn distantieert zich van de inhoud van de
eigen website. "Het bestuur is niet verantwoordelijk voor wat leden op het
forum plaatsen."

Prins durft pedosite niet te bekijken
Prins Willem-Alexander heeft de inmiddels veelbesproken pedosite met de foto's van zijn dochters en van twee kinderen van prins Maurits niet durven bekijken. ,,Ik wil hem ook niet zien. Ik ben bang dat ik dan misschien door het lint zou gaan'', aldus de prins dinsdag in Bhutan.
De prins brengt met prinses Máxima een officieel bezoek aan het land.

Maandag diende in Nederland een kort geding tegen de makers van de
site. De foto's moeten eraf en er moet een bedrag van 50.000 euro worden betaald door degenen die erachter zitten.

De Prins van Oranje wil dit soort praktijken 'meteen aanpakken'.
,,Het eerste doel is om dit voor onze eigen kinderen in de toekomst te
voorkomen.'' De troonopvolger hoopt ook jurisprudentie te krijgen voor andere mensen met kinderen. Prinses Maxima: ,,Als ze onze kinderen erop zetten, dan doen ze dat ook met die van anderen''.
Tijdens de rechtszaak maandag zei de advocaat
dat de prins en prinses 'ernstig verontrust' waren. De prins zelf noemde dat dinsdag ,,natuurlijk een understatement''.

,,Als kinderen op deze manier misbruikt worden, dan zijn daar geen woorden voor.''

Nogmaals: zonder enige suggestie mbt pedofilie!
Echter op deze foto's, gebruikt tbv marketing voor een "kerkelijke" genootschap dmv het internet, staan
-behalve een kind, die niet slechts "publiek" of gelovige deelneemster was, dit kind zette ook als getuige -op het altaar - haar handtekening onder de papieren behorende bij deze "priesterwijding"(deze foto ontbreekt tgv mijn toenmalige en huidige walging),
-psychiatrische patienten op ( Joris in Delft)
bovendien kennelijk, zoals ik geinformeerd werd, personen welke inmiddels in Belgie juridisch veroordeeld zijn.

Laat er geen twijfel over bestaan: zowel priester Goof als diens bisschop Carolus, zeg maar Karel hoor, hadden op rorate net zo veel rechten als wie dan ook zich te hullen uit welke verkleedkist dan ook.

Maar die RK identiteit die het kennelijk voor die marketing nodig had hier gebruik van te maken?
Die had niets met een RK identiteit te maken!
Slechts met dat deel van de Kerk dat -ongeacht wat of wie gebruikt.

Zoals dat rorate forum, bestuur, medewerkers en gebruikers, willens en wetens Libertas en zijn standpunten mbt geloven, de kerk etc. op een meer dan cynische wijze gebruikten.
Zoals dat -in strijd met Rome - vanuit het rorate team daarna herhaald kon worden met andere flapdrollen uit verkleedkisten.

En dat is inderdaad inmiddels gebleken deel uit te hebben gemaakt van een deel van die RK Kerk!
Waardoor kerkelijk seksueel misbruik mogelijk werd.
De verschrikking over het kerkelijk seksueel misbruik is niet veroorzaakt door pedofielen.
Nog veel minder door homoseksualiteit!

Bijzonder om daar door een pedofielen vereniging, een vader democratie nog eens mee geconfronteerd te worden. En met het hygienisch denken van een rechtstaat die haar kinderen en hun ouders wenst te beschermen.
Dank je, Martijn! En dank je, vader van een prachtig meideke.
Dat was hygienisch denken van twee van de 3 partijen!

Een hernieuwde -terecht weinig amicale - confrontatie dat de verschrikking van het kerkelijk seksueel misbruik niet is veroorzaakt door pedofielen in de RK Kerk.
Nog veel minder door homoseksualiteit dan wel homoseksuelen.

R. wees trots op jezelf , en huil over het misbruik ook jou aangedaan!

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Jesuits pay for sins of abusers |

By Janet I. Tu
Seattle Times religion reporter
Sunday, October 28, 2007

There was the Jesuit priest who fathered two children in Alaska decades ago but contended earlier this year that he shouldn't have to pay back child support, in part because of his vow of poverty.

Then there was the late Rev. John Leary, former president of Spokane's Gonzaga University, who sexually abused boys and young men decades ago during his tenure there.

In the last several years, cases like these have piled up against the Jesuit order in the Northwest — so much so that its leaders say they are considering filing for bankruptcy.

"We're looking at every possibility and trying to be prepared for it," said the Very Rev. John Whitney, head of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province — the formal name of the Jesuit order in the Northwest.

Since 2002, the Oregon Province has spent about $16 million to settle claims with 61 victims against 41 priests. There are 85 pending claims.
"We're running very close to the line," Whitney said. "We are certainly experiencing by necessity the poverty that we vowed by choice."

Most of the local institutions associated with Jesuits — Seattle University, Gonzaga University, Seattle Preparatory School — are incorporated separately from the province, so any bankruptcy filing should not affect them financially, Whitney said.
And parishes associated with Jesuits — such at St. Joseph Church in Seattle — are usually owned by the Catholic dioceses they are located in, such as the Seattle Archdiocese.

If the Oregon Province does file for bankruptcy, it would be the first of the 10 Jesuit provinces in the U.S. to do so. And leaders of religious-order associations say the last time they can recall a Roman Catholic order, or part of an order, filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. was around 1970.

Religious orders operate separately from the dioceses.
While diocesan priests generally serve in parishes, priests and brothers in religious orders typically carry out the mission of their order, such as education or health care.

Five dioceses have filed for bankruptcy since the church's sex-abuse scandal broke in 2002: Portland, Tucson, Spokane, Davenport (Iowa) and San Diego.
Still, bankruptcy is a leap Whitney says he's trying not to make. And no immediate decision is expected.
"It does bring a finality, but it also is quite expensive and cumbersome," he said. "I'm trying very hard to do what we can to find a just solution short of that."

Abuses in Alaska
The allegations of past sexual abuse by Jesuit priests and brothers have come from around the far-flung Oregon Province, which has about 250 Jesuits in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

In Washington state earlier this year, eight men sued the Rev. Michael Toulouse, a former philosophy professor at Seattle University who died in 1976. A previous suit against Toulouse was settled in 2006 for $350,000.
The Oregon Province settled claims with four men who said they had been abused by Leary. The latest claim was settled last month for $425,000, according to the victim's attorney, Michael Pfau of Seattle. Leary died in 1993.

In addition, about 16 women and men say they were sexually abused years ago by a priest and a brother at a former Jesuit-run Indian boarding school on the Colville Indian Reservation, said their attorney, Pfau.

But most of the cases involve Jesuits who served in Alaska, where some 135 people, the vast majority of them Native Americans, say they were abused by about 13 Jesuit priests and brothers, or by those supervised by Jesuits.
It is these cases, and the unknown number of future ones, that are pushing the province to consider bankruptcy.

"I don't think [any of the other provinces] are facing exactly the situation we have — the number of suits, primarily in Alaska," Whitney said. "And we've never been a wealthy province to begin with."
Most of the province's money comes from individual donors, and that money has not been used for settlements, Whitney said. Most of it goes to fund training of younger Jesuits and care of elderly ones.

The province owns just a few properties — mainly residence houses for Jesuits, Whitney said.
Jesuits usually live together in small communities, pooling their salaries for living expenses, with the surplus typically going to the province, which invests the money. It's this surplus, and money from a rainy-day fund, that has been used to settle cases.

Insurance has contributed to the province's legal-defense fees but has not provided a large percentage of the settlement money, Whitney said. "We're deep into the rainy-day fund. ... Things are lean."
The province has closed a program that organized spiritual retreats and has not filled a staff position at its headquarters in Portland.
Whitney says fundraising has held fairly steady the past few years, though he declined to give figures.
"The people who know us continue to be supportive of us," he said. "People know we're trying to deal with these things."

Skeptical about finances
David Clohessy, executive director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, says unless a religious entity opens its financial books, he finds it difficult to believe any claim of financial hardship.
Dioceses that have filed for bankruptcy have usually done so shortly before trials, to prevent disclosing what the hierarchies knew and know, Clohessy contends.
No immediate trials are scheduled in the Jesuit cases.

Pfau, the attorney in Seattle, doesn't believe the Oregon Province is poor: "The Jesuits have assets. They have fundraising capabilities."
Ken Roosa, an Anchorage attorney for many of the Alaska victims, wonders if the Jesuits' universities might be financially liable, even if they are not defendants in lawsuits.
Roosa contends that many of his clients' abuses happened before the universities became separately incorporated, and he believes "those universities are on the table" as assets.
Provincial leaders don't agree with Roosa's argument.

Whitney says it's important for the victims to come forward and for the province to figure out a way to meet its obligations.
"We're doing the work to make sure this stuff doesn't happen in the future," Whitney said. "Now it's the work of cleaning up our history."
Janet I. Tu: 206-464-2272 or jtu@seattletimes.com

Church orders probe over child sex abuse

27 October 2007

The conviction of a Northampton church warden for child sex offences has prompted the Church of England to investigate records of thousands of clergy, dating back decades, in an attempt to uncover unchecked incidents of abuse.

According to the church, more than 2,500 letters will be sent to former bishops, archdeacons, bishops' chaplains and secretarial staff urging them to come forward if they have information or concerns about child sex abuse which were not followed up at the time.

The current files of 23,000 clergy in the Church of England will also be examined by diocesan bishops, while an independent reviewer will assess whether any 'causes for concern' remain.
Any urgent issues will be dealt with immediately by the relevant legal authorities.

The move comes six months after Derrick Norris, now aged 72, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years at Northampton Crown Court for the sexual abuse of two children in the 1980s.

At his sentencing in April, the court heard Norris had confessed the offences to members of Weston Favell's Emmanuel Church in the late 1980s, but they had been 'brushed under the carpet' until one of the victims came forward, detailing the abuse, in June 2006."

Norris, of Dell Crescent, Overstone, pleaded guilty to three indecent assaults, six gross indecencies and two rapes of a girl as well as three gross indecency offences against a teenage boy.

Sentencing, Judge Charles Wide QC told him: "The expression 'an abuse of trust' does not do justice to the enormity of what you did."

A Church of England spokesman said it was a "belt and braces" approach to the situation.

"It's worth it. We've never done anything like this before. But there's only so far back we can go. We can't ask people who are dead and we can't do what can't be done."

The investigation is aimed at incidents that happened before 1995, the year the church published its first policy document on child protection.
Any new cases would still be covered by the guidelines and the process will begin early next year, with clergy officials having 18 months to conduct their review.

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ship of fools

visoen van een blote man onder de douche over een romeins bad:
"heb lief en doe wat je wilt"

vrijdag, oktober 26, 2007

Gebed tot de H Geest 4 Gebed verhoord

De wonderen zijn de wereld nog niet uit.
Maar 't is effe wennen, gebedsverhoring on line.

"Heilige Geest, waar is Diarmuid gebleven, die nu voor de 2e maal gepasserd wordt in de kardinaalsbenoemingen?"

.... (wikipedia)However on the 22 February 2006 Pope Benedict XVI announced the names
of the 15 new Cardinals to be installed, and it soon became apparent that
Diarmuid Martin was not on the list. However there is speculation that his "red
hat" is inevitable, though possibly not till after the death of either Cahal
Cardinal Daly or Desmond Cardinal Connell. Ireland has never had more than one
serving Cardinal in the past and the Vatican will be reluctant to have three
Irish cardinals from such a small country, even if 2 of them have retired.

On 17th October 2007 Pope Benedict XVI announced the next batch of names
to be elevated to the cardinalate and once again his name was not on the list,
Instead the list contained Dr Sean Brady the Archbishop of Armagh. This was a
return to tradition where the Primate of All Ireland was a Cardinal and not the
serving Archbishop of Dublin as was the case with his predecessor.

It is also speculated that Martin will be recalled to Rome to head up a Vatican
department. It is most likely that this would be the Justice and Peace
department, in which he served as secretary. The top job at Justice and Peace
becomes vacant in 2007. Despite his many duties in Dublin, Martin maintains a
punishing schedule of international travel, and this has been seen as an
indication of his desire, and indeed suitability, to return to his former career
as an international diplomat.

Nog effe, wordt die Amerikaan (of was het een Chinees of noem nog
eens iets leuks wat een mens allemaal kan zijn) met zijn computerprogramma om te
zien waar de inzendingen in wikipedia vandaan komen toegevoegd aan zo'n
pauselijke Raad om te bestuderen of er sprake is van een wonder.

Nu nog een theoloog die duidelijk maakt of we dit het werk van de H. Isidorus, die het internet onder z'n hoede schijnt te hebben was.

Of toch heel aards gewoon van zo'n Vaticaan watcher?

donderdag, oktober 25, 2007

Gebed tot de H Geest 3 over de Ierse residentiele revolutie

Al ruim 14.000 verzoeken voor schadevergoeding

Katholieke primaat Ierland excuseert zich voor pedofilieschandalen
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op
zo 21 okt '07 om 14:40u

DUBLIN (RKnieuws.net) - De Ierse katholieke aartsbisschop Sean Brady, die in november tot kardinaal wordt gecreërd, heeft dit weekend zijn excuses aangeboden voor de duizenden kinderen die sinds 1940 misbruikt werden door Ierse priesters. ’Niets kan deze vreselijke onrechtvaardigheden nog recht zetten’, zo zei hij.

Een regeringsorganisme, dat in 2002 speciaal werd opgericht om financiële schadeloosstellingen uit te keren aan pedofilieslachtoffers in gespecialiseerde instellingen, die voornamelijk door religieuzen gerund werden, heeft al ruim 14.000 verzoeken tot schadevergoeding gekregen.

Volgens een recente raming van de regering lopen de verzoeken tot schadevergoedingen in het totaal op tot zowat 1,16 miljard euro. (tb)

Ireland’s Catholic head apologises for sex abuse
Publish Date: Monday,22 October, 2007, at 02:38 AM Doha Time

DUBLIN: Ireland’s top Roman Catholic prelate has apologised for the “horrific evil” of sex abuse involving thousands of children placed in the care of clerics in residential institutions.

Archbishop Sean Brady told a Saturday service for abuse victims he could not “adequately apologise to all those who have been hurt while they were entrusted to the Church’s care” over the last 70 years or more.

“Nothing can ever make up for the terrible wrongs that have been done. But what I can assure you of is my absolute determination to try to change things for the better,” said the Primate of All Ireland.

“I still find it difficult to understand and feel a great shame that some of those who should have been most trusted, some of those who should have protected children, committed such horrific evil and crimes against them,” added Brady, due to be made a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI next month.

Brady’s sermon comes as new figures from the government reveal that the final compensation bill for people who suffered abuse as children in care may rise to 1.16bn euros.

A five-year old Residential Institutions Redress Board (RIRB) received claims for compensation from 14,540 men and women who say they were abused in institutions that were funded by the state but were mainly run by the church.

They included schools, orphanages, hospitals, reformatories and children’s homes. The amount of compensation being awarded to victims is based on weightings for the severity of the physical, sexual and emotional abuse they suffered and the effect it had. The RIRB compensation body is running in parallel with a major judicial inquiry into abuse allegations dating back to the 1930s.

In answer to a series of parliamentary questions Education Minister Mary Hanafin said last week that claims from 7,290 victims dealt with up until the end of last year had involved expenditure of 564mn euros. “The average award to date is approximately 70,000 euros with awards ranging up to 300,000 euros.

“At this point it is estimated that a provision of another 600mn euros may be required to meet the remaining award, administration and legal costs of the board.

“This would bring the total cost of the scheme to an estimated 1.16bn euros,” Hanafin said.

Some victims have ignored the RIRB and have taken their claims to the country’s courts. In a controversial 2002 deal with the government, the liability of 18 Catholic religious congregations who managed the residential institutions was capped at 128mn euros with the church paying in cash, property and counseling costs. – AFP

Tja dat zijn heel veel euro's voor de belastingbetaler.
En heel veel redenen om daar nauwelijks of geen aandacht aan te geven.

Wat niet weet wat niet deert? weerd? steert? Hoe zat dat nu toch ook al weer?

En wie leest er nu de Gulf Times uit Quatar?

Maar Waarde Borgermans, er is zoveel meer aan misbruik dan pedofilie.
Dat is waarom het die revolutie was en is!
Die ging niet over pedo's. Was dat maar waar!
The knitter

dinsdag, oktober 23, 2007

Avondwandeling, Africandy, Deus Caritas Est en het leger van de Heer

Ugandese seminaries hebben plaats te kort
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op
di 23 okt '07 (Bron: KIN)

KAMPALA (RKnieuws.net) - Volgens Aquirinus Francis Kibira, de rector van het
Sint-Paulusseminarie in Kinyamasika in Uganda, is er geen plaats meer in
Ugandese seminaries. Momenteel bereiden er zich 152 kandidaten voor op hun
priesterwijding, “maar het aantal studenten blijft jaar na jaar toenemen.

De grootste uitdagingen bestaat er nu in het seminarie uit te breiden, zodat het
meer kandidaten kan opnemen. Het seminarie was aanvankelijk slechts voorzien
voor 150 kandidaten”. Tegelijk wijst de rector op het grote priestertekort in
vele gebieden in Uganda. “Elke priester heeft tien tot twintig keer zoveel
gelovigen als in Europa.”

Avond wandeling (klik)

Als een schoft om een praatje verlegen zit

Vindthij altijd wel op straat

Een schoft die om een praatje verlegen zit

Met wie hij dan praat

Zelfs als een hond wil gaan wandelen in de stad

Vindt hij altijd wel een ander na een blok of wat

Er wordt gesnuffeld en okee bevonden

En gaan ze samen verder, twee honden

Zie, de koning zet 'm z'n kroon af

Boys town: 'Orsmond was jealous of the boys'. En wij waren blind.

October 20 2007
By Kashiefa Ajam

A former Boys Town staffer says it was an "open secret" that the late Catholic Bishop of Johannesburg, Reginald Orsmond, had allowed boys to sleep in his room.

This comes after at least three ex-students accused Orsmond, the founder of Boys Town, of sexual molestation.

The woman staffer, whose identity is known to Weekend Argus, said this week that nobody had ever thought it unusual for the boys to sleep in Orsmond's room - but when pop star Michael Jackson was accused of molesting young boys, she had realised the boys might have been abused.

"It was the 1970s; it never occurred to us," she said. "All of the staff was aware of this. At the time I didn't realise there was any harm in it.

"We didn't know that people did those kinds of things to children. What we were concerned about was that the boys who did sleep in his room were getting special treatment and privileges. But we never suspected he was taking advantage of these boys in
that way."

She said that when the Jackson trial made headlines, it was the first time she realised what might have happened. "I felt sad and disturbed when I realised that boys who were at Boys Town because they had had a bad start in life might have been further abused there and I was there and didn't even notice.

"The woman, a former counsellor, said Orsmond had also let some of the boys stay with him at a holiday cottage in Munster, KwaZulu-Natal.

"Some of the boys had no homes to go to during the school holidays, so they would stay with (Orsmond) at the cottage - some slept in his room.

"It did not make much sense at the time, she says, but Orsmond would get really angry when any of the women teachers or counsellors became close to the students.

She was asked to leave because Orsmond accused her of sleeping with the students.
"I was not the first: all the women who became popular with the boys were immediately fired for no reason."

In a chapter of the autobiography of Mario D'Offizi, Bless Me Father, he described how the leading cleric had engaged him in sex acts.

Two weeks ago it emerged that the Catholic Church could face a class action
after another former Boys Town student made allegations of molestation by the
late Bishop of Johannesburg.


Weer iemand die slachtoffer werd van dat misbruik. Weer iemand die koos. Wat een moed om de realiteit te willen zien.
Weer iemand die weigert daar slachtoffer van te zijn!

zondag, oktober 21, 2007

Gebed tot de H Geest 2 Mogen nonnen zich laten naaien door een ambtenaar?

Kan de kollektezak even door?

Gebed tot de Heilige Geest! 1 Misbruik, Rome en haar benoemingenbeleid Hoe ziek is die Kerk eigenlijk

Is er misschien een vaticaanwatcher in de zaal die mij dit even uitlegt?

Want dit weekend kan ik na kots misselijk te zijn van een aantal berichten van de afgelopen dagen enige uitleg toch wel goed gebruiken.
Hoe ziek is die Rooms Katholieke Kerk?

Hoe gek is Benedictus XVI?
Is die man gek? Een gigantisch manipulator? Niet geinformeerd? Bezig met het noodzakelijk overeind houden van een Heilig Huis dat per dag meer instort terwijl hij een encycliek over de Hoop schijnt te schrijven? Ergens te bidden naar die Heilige Geest? Ergens zijn gereedschapskist te gebruiken, dus in een wereldwijd web in het Latijn te denken? Keizer van China te spelen?

Forum: Katholiek in debat. Geplaatst op 8/9 '04 11:01u. Onderwerp: Rechter
verbiedt abortusboot toegang tot Portugese wateren (posts: 57, views: 800)
Tja Crispina,als een keizerinnetje zelf beschikken over leven en dood, geweldig is dat toch zeker?
Ja V, Crispina speelt weer keizerinnetje! Goddank wel!

Kortom het gebed van de dag

moge een beetje integer Vaticaan watcher zich melden, Heer.
Want Uw Kerk heeft iedere betrouwbaarheid, ondanks alle goede berichtgeving over heel veel wat er bereikt is om die smeerboel op te ruimen sinds het aantreden van Benedictus de afgelopen twee weken voor mij inmiddels toch wel verloren.

Moge die Heilige Geest zich nu eens uitstorten!
En mij dan eerst maar eens vertellen of dit een goed bericht is of niet.

Want het bericht dat ik paranoia dreig te worden zou nu in ieder geval zonder meer een heel goed bericht zijn.

All Ireland Primate Sean Brady to be made cardinal
[Published: Wednesday 17, October 2007 - 11:54]

Pope Benedict XVI has announced that the Catholic Primate of All Ireland is to
be made a cardinal.
Sean Brady, the Archbishop of Armagh, was among 24 new cardinals named by the Pontiff during his weekly address at St Peter's Square today.

Archbishop Brady says he is deeply honoured and humbled by the announcement.

The 68-year-old was born in Cavan and became Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland in 1996.

Heilige Geest, waar is Diarmuid gebleven, die nu voor de 2e maal gepasserd wordt in de kardinaalsbenoemingen?
Die kwam toch niet echt zo maar onder der koeien vandaan om die stal eens heel deugdelijk schoon te gaan vegen en daarmee de Ierse Revolutie mee mogelijk te maken.
Een bisschop die vanuit de VN op dat moment naar Dublin moest is geen cowboy!

Heeft hij teveel mogelijk gemaakt? Teveel priesters tegen zich in het harnas gejaagd? De broeders? De Ierse smeerkezerij te hartgrondig uit die stal geprobeerd te verwijderen?
Werd ie te duur nu de theocratie Ierland in het onderwijs en de zorg elke week minder bestaat en de kerken leger worden?

zaterdag, oktober 20, 2007

Pedo heksenjacht en Project Truth Cornwall

Blijkbaar hebben ze niet alleen in het Vaticaan zelf -of rondom een vroeger rk forum- last van duivels zieners

Geschorste curieprelaat had lijst van homoseksuele priesters en bisschoppen
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans 19 okt '07

ROME (RKnieuws.net) - Mgr. Tommaso Stenico, de Vaticaanse prelaat die geschorst werd na beelden op de Italiaanse tv waarin hij toenaderingen maakte tot een jonge homoseksueel, zegt een lijst samengesteld te hebben van homoseksuele priesters en bisschoppen die op de Curie werken.
Dat beweert althans het Italiaanse weekblad Panorama vandaag.

Volgens het weekblad zou mgr. Stenico ook een brief geschreven hebben aan zijn overste, kardinaal Claudio Hummes, waarin hij

de ’morele degradatie’ van de Curie aankloeg.

Volgens de doorgaans goed geinformeerde Panorama-journalist Ignazio Ingrao zou dit dossier het paleis van het Vaticaan wel eens goed kunnen doen beven.

Hier zijn geen, ik herhaal geen, massavernietigingswapens,
maar mannen die weer mannen worden aan het werk!

Gays face fallout after Cornwall paedo witchhunt
OPINION / Lives ruined, gay community vilified even though there never was a paedophile ring
Claude McIntosh / Capital Xtra / Friday, October 19, 2007

CORNWALL — Hollywood scriptwriters would have been hardpressed to come up with a more intriguing plot: a paedophile ring with a membership list of prominent citizens holding wild sex orgies in a secluded cottage a few miles east of this quiet community of 46,000.

The ring was said to include a Roman Catholic bishop, priests, the Cornwall police chief, other high-ranking police officers, a probation officer, a Crown attorney and some of the community's leading businessmen.

Vulnerable boys, some as young as 10 years old, were, so the story went, lured to the den of iniquity with gifts and money. The clan used them as personal sex toys with rituals that included men clad in white sheets lusting after their naked, young prey who had candles inserted into their rectums.

The ring operated with impunity for years, thanks to a membership that included people in positions of power.

At least that was the tale spun by Ron Leroux, a part-time painter, to Cornwall police officer Perry Dunlop in the early 1990s.

Leroux claimed to have witnessed the orgies firsthand at the cottage as well as at other locations, one being a motel in Fort Lauderdale, where the clan was said to have spent winter vacations, sometimes bringing young boys from Cornwall with them.

Dunlop and wife Helen were carrying out an unauthorized investigation of sexual abuse in Cornwall and area. He pounced on Leroux's story.

The tale was not only the driving force behind a four-year OPP investigation — dubbed Project Truth — but prompted the Dalton McGuinty government to set up the Cornwall Public Inquiry to investigate the way institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church, law enforcement agencies and the Children's Aid Society, handled complaints of sexual abuse.

The clan story also harmed reputations and drove gay probation officer Ken Seguin to commit suicide.

The OPP investigation, that included hundreds of interviews by a four-man team, found no evidence of the ring.

But that only added fuel to rumours of a high-level cover-up.

Dunlop's private investigation would get him in hot water with his superiors. He would eventually resign from the force and move to British Columbia, where he still lives.

For almost 14 years this community lived under the dark shadow cast by Leroux's account.

Leroux's affidavit, containing graphic details and names, became the cornerstone of the controversial website, Projecttruth.com. operated by Dick Nadeau. The website was short on fact and long on rumours and innuendo.

The website fed the paedophile-ring frenzy that gripped the community.
Within weeks of the site being set up, it had 30,000 hits.

Copies of Leroux's statement were downloaded hundreds of times and distributed in factories and coffee shops.
Soon, everybody was talking about the "paedophile ring" as a fact and names were tossed around like frisbees.
The witchhunt was in full gear.

One prominent businessman whose name was linked to the alleged ring suffered a nervous breakdown and a dozen years later still suffers the effects of the website's false accusations.

The gay and lesbian community became particularly vulnerable as the line between homosexuality and paedophilia became blurred.

I can still remember a call from a member of the citizens coalition, a group headed by Dunlop's brother-in-law Carson Chisholm, calling me to complain about the alleged cover-up and how my newspaper (the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder) wasn't doing enough to expose "these homos."

When it was pointed out to the caller that he was lumping homosexuals and paedophiles together, his remark spoke volumes.
"They're all queers. Instead of burying them they should just chisel their heads and pound them into the ground."

Don Johnson, a former Crown attorney and now the city's top criminal defence lawyer, agrees that the line between gays and paedophiles has been blurred.

Johnson defended three persons charged by Project Truth and won all three cases.

However, he points out that because of the hysteria created by the paedophile clan tale, they'll never be acquitted in the court of public opinion.

Johnson never bought into the paedophile ring story.
"I knew it was bogus right from the start. It was a piece of fiction taken from a book," he said.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of the city's population suspended disbelief and accepted the story as gospel.
But then came the inquiry that was going to expose all the lies and deceit by the people in power and have clan members running for the proverbial hills.

Ron Leroux was going to get an opportunity to repeat the story under oath.
And he did.

The conspiracy theorists had visions of prominent Cornwall citizens being dragged off in handcuffs.
It was going to be their red-letter day.

Leroux's testimony was indeed shocking — but not because it exposed a clan of paedophiles.
Instead, Leroux, under questioning by inquiry counsel Peter Engelmann came clean.
The paedophile clan story was made up. A piece of fiction, he said. In fact, many of the people he named in his affidavit were his friends.

And why the clan story?

Leroux told the inquiry he had fallen victim to the witchhunt.

He said Dunlop had been pressuring him for a clan-type story so he made one up.

Leroux even suggested that some of the statements contained in the affidavit were added by Dunlop and Dunlop's Newmarket lawyer, Charlie Bourgeois.

"I never read anything they put down," Leroux told the inquiry. "I never took the time to read it. I was on a hell of a merry-go-round for a few years with them. Anything could have been written in there. I wouldn't even say anything about it."

The tale came out of a book about an alleged paedophile clan in the United States.
When asked by Engelmann for his definition of a paedophile, Leroux blurted out "a queer."

Leroux also said his story about the group taking young boys to Fort Lauderdale for sexual pleasure was made up as well.

The shocking admission stunned the inquiry.
But it wasn't the first time the inquiry heard an alleged victim recant his story.

On two previous occasions, alleged victims testified that they wrongly named a Roman Catholic priest as their abuser.
One said he didn't even know the priest, Father Charles MacDonald.
"I was just told to put his name in the affidavit," he admitted.

Leroux's stunning admission wasn't expected by lawyers representing the institutions linked to his affidavit and they were eager to quiz him.
However, they never got a chance to cross-examination Leroux.

A psychiatrist ruled that Leroux was not mentally fit to undergo cross-examination. He was excused by inquiry commissioner Normand Glaude. Incredibly, despite the shocking admission, Helen Dunlop still believes in Leroux's original story.
"To this day, I still believe what he told us was the truth," she told the inquiry. "Yes, he was telling the truth."

Judging from Ms Dunlop's reaction, the black cloud put over this community by the bogus paedophile clan tale and the resulting witchhunt isn't going away anytime soon.

Claude McIntosh wrote this opinion piece as a freelance writer.

He is a reporter at the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder.

vrijdag, oktober 19, 2007

Feest en nieuw boek Zelfhelp groep Incest en Seksueel Geweld

Zelfhulpgroep Incest en Seksueel Geweld bestaat 20 jaar
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op
do 18 okt '07

AVERBODE (RKnieuws.net) - De zelfhulpgroep Incest en Seksueel Geweld viert zaterdag in de abdij van Averbode haar twintigjarig bestaan. Bij die verjaardag verschijnt een boek met verhalen over incest en seksueel geweld, dat Karlijn Demasure samen met leden van de zelfhulpgroep schreef.

De zelfhulpgroep leunt nauw aan bij het bezinningscentrum van de abdij. De groep vond er haar vaste thuis en tussen de abdij en de groep groeide een stille band. Al hoeven de leden van de zelfhulpgroep geen christenen te zijn.

De werking van de zelfhulpgroep komt niet in plaats van een therapie, het is veeleer een aanvulling. (tb)

Een ander boek van Demasure, Als de draad gebroken is, is inmiddels niet meer verkrijgbaar. In Tertio stond dit intervieuw

.....,,In de jaren 1980 was ik een tijdje godsdienstlerares in de school van
de zusters bernardinnen in Oudenaarde. Daar bestond een uitstekend systeem van leerlingenbegeleiding met een groene leerkracht naar keuze. Die had natuurlijk beroepsgeheim, behalve voor de vergadering van groene leerkrachten, waar de zwaarste problemen werden voorgelegd. Daar waren ook specialisten bij:
psychologen van het Centrum voor leerlingenbegeleiding en van het Centrum voor
geestelijke gezondheidszorg. Toen kwam ik voor het eerst met de gevolgen van
seksueel misbruik, vooral van incest, in aanraking.

Ik ben mij daarin gaan verdiepen vanuit de vraag: wat kan de kerk doen voor die slachtoffers? Het probleem van seksueel misbruik in pastorale relaties heb ik pas nadien, als een verwant verschijnsel, onder de loep genomen. Ik vind het trouwens belangrijk om dat niet te afzonderen van het overkoepelende probleem van seksueel misbruik.’’
Waarom?,,Er heerst een tendens om misbruik door priesters en religieuzen uit te
vergroten, en ik vind dat niet correct. Ik besef hoe delicaat zo’n uitspraak is,
want je krijgt snel het verwijt dat je het probleem ontkent of dat je aan
doofpotoperaties meewerkt.

Maar ik sluit niet uit dat er in het overdreven focussen op seksueel misbruik in de kerk, een veel groter ontkenningsmechanisme speelt. Het kan een manier zijn om de aandacht af te leiden van een probleem dat veel vaker voorkomt en voor de slachtoffers nog veel nadeliger is: incest.

Dat probleem is ook veel bedreigender, want het raakt iedereen. Niet voor niets
ontwierp Sigmund Freud de theorie dat incest niet bestaat, maar dat dit soort
beschuldigingen het gevolg is van een verdrukte wens van het meisje om met haar
vader naar bed te gaan. Het resultaat was dat een eeuw lang vrouwen die hun
vader van seksueel misbruik beschuldigden, als hystericae in een inrichting
belandden.Je kunt vandaag trouwens nog moeilijk beweren dat seksueel misbruik in de kerk uit de openbaarheid wordt geweerd. Je kunt geen Amerikaanse krant
openslaan of je leest er iets over.’’

U legt in uw boek omstandig uit waarom u ook voorstander bent van pastorale begeleiding van daders van seksueel misbruik. Waarom is dat zo’n heikel punt?

,,In de beleving van slachtoffers is dat uiterst delicaat. Als ze begeleiding vragen, zijn ze meestal zo geshockeerd, dat ze op dat moment over de dader geen goed woord weten te vertellen. Tussen haakjes: zeker incestslachtoffers dulden niet dat je daar als begeleider nog een schepje bovenop doet – diep in hen schuilen ook de goede ervaringen, de liefde en loyaliteit.

Maar op dat moment domineert de haat. Ze ervaren de begeleider vooral in zijn ondersteunende rol en denken dat die zich tegenover daders ook zo opstelt – en dat wekt een groot wantrouwen. Die perceptie klopt natuurlijk niet. In de begeleiding van daders komt het erop aan te begrenzen, ethische normen te stellen. Je confronteert veel meer. Maar slachtoffers voelen veel argwaan voor dat soort professionalisme, nog meer tegenover pastores dan tegenover psychiaters. In elk geval kun je nooit tegelijk instaan voor de individuele begeleiding van een slachtoffer én van de betrokken dader.’’

Uw boek gaat uitvoerig in op de bevindingen van psychologie en psychotherapie. Vindt u het belangrijk dat ook pastores die mechanismen kennen?

,,Ja, mijn model is geïnspireerd op het denken van Paul Ricœur die in zijn interpretatieleer uitgaat van de gedachte: ‘expliquer plus, c’est comprendre mieux’. Hoe meer je van iemand weet, hoe beter je hem begrijpt. Ook beeldende kunst en literatuur leren veel over de mens. De verhalen van mensen zijn een bevoorrechte vindplaats van kennis, meent Ricœur.

Alleen kan het op die manier wel enige tijd duren voor je onderscheiden en verbanden ziet. De menswetenschappen brengen die in kaart. Ook journalist Jason Berry, de auteur van het boek Lead Us not into Temptation over priesters en seksueel misbruik, hoorde eerst tal van verhalen, maar verwierf pas werkelijk inzicht in het fenomeen nadat hij zijn licht had opgestoken bij psychiaters.’’

Onwaarschijnlijk hoe recent de wetenschappelijke literatuur over pedofilie is.
,,Ook dat moeten we bedenken wanneer we de houding van de kerk beoordelen. William Marshall, een van de belangrijkste onderzoekers naar pedofilie, schrijft dat je in de jaren 1960 de hele wetenschappelijke kennis over het fenomeen kon doornemen in enkele uren. Je mag de reacties uit die tijd dus niet beoordelen met
de kennis waarover we nu beschikken. Veel kerkleiders dachten ter goeder trouw dat pedofilie louter een eenmalige uitschuiver was, waaraan iemand zich onder andere omstandigheden en dankzij het nodige berouw wel niet meer zou bezondigen. Pas recent is algemeen doorgedrongen dat het niet zomaar om een ‘zonde’, maar meestal om een pathologie gaat, die een grondige en systematische therapie vergt.’’

Wat is eigenlijk de zin van een pastorale begeleiding van slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik? Volstaat een goede psychotherapie niet?
,, Ik voel veel voor de gedachte dat achter elk psychisch probleem ook een vraag naar zingeving schuilt. Tegelijk ligt daar in onze samenleving een enorme blinde vlek. Therapie dreigt zich nogal eenzijdig op medicatie te verlaten. Pastores ervaren dat de zingevingsvragen van patiënten in het verlengde liggen van hun psychisch ziektebeeld. Wie geen mens meer vertrouwt, omdat zijn vertrouwen zo erg werd geschonden, zal ook God niet kunnen vertrouwen. Slachtoffers van machtsmisbruik zullen opstandig zijn tegenover een God die niet in staat is in te grijpen.

Hartstikke zinvol, ongetwijfeld een dijk van een mens. zinnig intervieuw, zeker een goed boek.

Maar, heilige Maria Magdalena, wat krijg ik een kunstkop van al die mensen en hulpverleners die nog steeds niet door lijken te kunnen krijgen dat niet slechts mannen hun sexualiteit hebben. Maar vrouwtjes ook!
Vrouwen in een Kerk die nog steeds niet worden gezien.

Het vrouwenverraad in de waanzin van de aktiegroep: wij eisen dat vrouwen ook misbruikers mogen zijn.
Ingeslikte medeplichtigheid van vrouwen voor het doorgeven van transgenerationeel geweld. Tegen kinderen, tegen vrouwen

tegen mannen tegen kinderen tegen vrouwen tegen mannen


De Heilige Maagd Maria was er toch echt maar eentje!

20 jaar zelfhelp en incest. En een nieuw boek. Harstikke goed.
Zoals dit blog een openbaring is. Over hoe kerkelijk sexueel misbruik mogelijk was. Geschreven door slachtoffers en daders gezamelijk!
En hoe. Het is maar goed dat dat zwavelbad met RK identiteit dicht is!

En die Karlijne Demasure? Er zou eens beter naar haar geluisterd moeten worden.
Maar ja, 't is een vrouw. In een kerk waarvan delen heel zwaar ziek is!
Maar niet alleen tgv pedofielen of homosexualiteit.

En die vrouwen die mede op dit blog delen van dat kerkelijk misbruik boven water hebben gekregen, boven de modder uithaalden, door hun keuzes te maken met hun leven en hun ervaringen? Die kunnen daar ieder maar beter trots op (leren) zijn!
Op hun kracht na de destructie. Ervaringskennis.
En in dit geval van ervaringen , onder rk identiteit, door knap velen gedeeld en mogelijk gemaakt!
Mannen en vrouwen.

Die kennis is nodig. Net zoals die boeken van Karlijne Demesure, als intervieuws en nieuwsberichtgeving! Maar vooral die keuze:

Misbruik en die Kerk? 't Is genoeg geweest!
De prijs is te hoog; 't is een wereldkerk!

Waarin ook abten niet altijd een even plezierige abdij* bleken te hebben.

* Iedere verwijzing naar de Averbode die hier gelezen zou worden is volstrekt ten onrechte!

Ik wijs slechts op 1 plek naar die abdij, waar ik nog wat hele rimpelige appeltjes had liggen, uit een hele koude oorlog. Gelukkig wel, anders had ik met andere boeken en blaadjes die daar uit werden gegeven niet zo blij kunnen zijn, dat ik die gebruikte omdat ik kinderen heb!

maandag, oktober 15, 2007

een 12 waard? Murphy's law. Om te huilen.

Een Vaticaans prelaat die een stommiteit uithaalde? (klik naar "de stommiteit")
De vraag is welke stommiteit dan wel.

Het wereldkundig maken van het bedrijven van digi misbruik door kerkelijk functionarissen misschien?
Of zijn naam? Murphy?
Foei en nu maar niet denken dat kardinaal Law het onderzoek zal gaan doen naar deze psychoanaliticus.

Hoe zou hij nu op zijn Vaticaans moeten bewijzen geen homo te zijn?
Zouden ze een geheim deurtje hebben voor maagden die zich ten behoeve van zo'n diepgaand onderzoek aanbieden?
Moge dat dan tenminste een Engelse zijn, zodat die waardigheid en traditie gehandhaafd kan blijven. En dan de lakens in kleine stukjes verkopen op worden tbv de noodzakelijke fondsen bij kindermisbruik, in Mexico of Brazilie, de Filipijnen? Een wereld kerk!

Arme man!
Da's nu met recht het oliesel ontvangen via de monitor.

en ooit, en zolang geleden is 1987 tenslotte nog niet eens, was er die prelaat die Thomas Doyle uitlachte om zijn rapport en waarschuwingen.
Het was immers ondenkbaar dat slachtoffers naar de rechter zouden stappen wegens kerkelijk seksueel misbruik.

Heer, laat het voor deze haat in vredenaam volwassenen chats zijn geweest!!

Vatican Official Insists He's Not Gay
The Washington Post/
The Associated Press
Sunday, October 14, 2007

VATICAN CITY -- A Vatican official suspended after being caught on hidden camera making advances to a young man said in an interview published Sunday that he is not gay and was only pretending to be gay as part of his work.

In an interview with La Repubblica newspaper, Monsignor Tommaso Stenico said he frequented online gay chat rooms and met with gay men as part of his work as a psychoanalyst.

He said that he pretended to be gay in order to gather information about "those who damage the image of the Church with homosexual activity."

This undated image released Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007 by Petrus http://www.papanews.it web site shows a prelate identified by the online paper as Mons. Tommaso Stenico.

The Vatican said Saturday it has suspended a monsignor from a senior post at the Holy See after an Italian TV program, with a hidden camera, recorded him making advances to a young man and asserting that gay sex was not sinful.

Contacted by telephone at his home by The Associated Press, Monsignor Tommaso Stenico confirmed that he had been suspended from his post at the congregation.

"Don't condemn me,'' Stenico said. "The interview was done fraudulently,'' he added, referring to the hidden camera that was used by Italian TV network La7's program

Vatican teaching holds that homosexual activity is a sin.

"It's all false; it was a trap. I was a victim of my own attempts to contribute to cleaning up the Church with my psychoanalyst work," La Repubblica quoted Stenico as saying.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said Saturday that the monsignor had been suspended pending a Vatican investigation. Stenico is a top official in the Vatican's Congregation of the Clergy.

The Vatican after acted Vatican officials recognized Stenico's office in the background of a television program on gay priests that was broadcast on Oct. 1 on La7, a private Italian TV network.

Stenico was secretly filmed making advances to a young man and asserting that gay sex was not sinful.

In the Repubblica interview, Stenico said he had met with the young man and pretended to talk about homosexuality "to better understand this mysterious and faraway world which, by the fault of a few people _ among them some priests _ is doing so much harm to the Church."
He said he had never been gay and was heterosexual, but remained faithful to his vow of celibacy.

Italy's Sky TG24 said Stenico had written a letter to his superiors with a similar defense.
Calls to Stenico's home and Vatican office went unanswered Sunday.

En de berichtgeving op RK Nieuwsnet/rorate?
Ze hadden kennelijk een wereldprimeur.

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’Ik wou enkel anderen ontmaskeren’
Vaticaan schorst hoge homoseksuele prelaat
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op za 13 okt '07 om 16:00u

't Is inderdaad om te huilen! !

In una lettera padre Tommaso Stenico finito nella bufera dopo un'intervistasmentisce di essere omosessuale. Sospeso dal suo incarico da una settimana

Giallo sull'outing tv del monsignore"L'ho fatto per smascherare i veri gay"
La Repubblica

Il prelato aveva detto di "non sentirsi in peccato". Padre Lombardi aveva annunciato"Severità per un comportamento non compatibile con sacerdozio e Santa Sede"

CITTÀ DEL VATICANO - "Mi sono dichiarato gay per smascherare chi lo è realmente". Smentisce di essere omosessuale l'alto prelato della Congregazione per il Clero, sospeso dalla Santa Sede dagli incarichi ormai da una settimana per avere confessato in tv i propri orientamenti sessuali.

Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, questo il nome del sacerdote finito nella bufera per una confessione sotto forma anonima per la trasmissione "Exit" andata in onda su La 7, in una lunga lettera spiega di avere simulato la parte del prete gay e avrebbe fatto, in base alla sua definizione il "ladro tra ladri", per smascherare i veri omosessuali nel tentativo di "redimere le vittime" e, soprattutto, per dare il proprio contributo contro la campagna montante sull'omosessualità dei preti nella Chiesa cattolica.

L'alto prelato in questione, nei confronti del quale oggi il direttore della Sala stampa vaticana padre Federico Lombardi ha confermato che si interverrà "con la decisione e la severità richiesta da un comportamento non compatibile con il servizio sacerdotale e con la Santa Sede", ha confidato di avere messo nero su bianco la sua difesa, condita di "racconti dettagliati" per controbattere alle accuse,da trasmettere ai diretti superiori della Congregazione del Clero.

Nello specifico, l'alto prelato, nella lettera conferma "punto per punto" le accuse che gli sono state mosse e che lo hanno portato alla sospensione nell'attesa che l'inchiesta faccia luce sulle reali responsabilità, precisando di "non essere gay" e di avere simulato di esserlo per dare il suo aiuto alla Chiesa.

"Sono sacerdote da 36 anni - si legge nel documento di difesa scritto da Stenico - da 25 anni lavoro nella Curia Romana, da oltre 30 sono psicologo e psicoterapeuta iscritto all'Albo degli psicologi del Lazio (...) Ho sempre voluto e preteso di occuparmi di tutto l'uomo: del suo spirito e della sua psiche".

Secondo il piano che, a detta dell'alto prelato, sarebbe servito per smascherare l'omosessualità di "non pochi sacerdoti", Stenico ha deciso di farsi "ladro tra i ladri" entrando nel "doppio ruolo di prete e psicanalista. In questo modo ho scoperto che è così. Vi è proprio il piano diabolico di gruppi di satanisti che puntano i preti".

"Per rendermi conto della verità" il monsignore ha ricevuto un "possibile informatore contattato nella rete". Il ricevimento delle persone, come dice, era dovuto al fatto che "per me era solo importante conoscere, non certo praticare. Il mio scopo era solo quello di investigare per conoscere ricorrendo alla tecnica strumentale e anche di stare al gioco per ottenere informazioni. Ovviamente non avrei mai immaginato di diventare io stesso un soggetto puntato per essere a mia volta strumentalizzato".

"Sono persona che non ama lo scandalo, non lo crea, non lo cerca, semmai lo contiene e lo smorza. Come avrei potuto creare lo scandalo di cui mi si accusa?" aggiunge. "Amo il dicastero per il Clero, le sue attività, la cura pastorale per i preti. Il mio pensiero è apertamente conosciuto. Alla mia età non si può barare".

Padre Lombardi ha mantenuto l'anonimato del prelato, ma a fare nome e cognome di monsignor Stenico ci ha pensato il cattolico Petrus, sito nato e legato al pontificato di Ratzinger, che pubblica anche la foto del sacerdote. Il presule era un collaboratore di Petrus e il direttore responsabile del sito, Gianluca Barile, afferma di averlo licenziato già da martedì scorso (9 ottobre).

Il monsignore finito nella bufera, malgrado ricoprisse incarichi di capo ufficio della Congregazione del Clero e membro dell'organismo che cura l'accoglienza dei pellegrinaggi, non era certamente in ascesa: contro di lui giocavano l'esuberanza del carattere e una punta di esibizionismo che lo spingeva, ad esempio, a indossare un cappello a larghe tese al posto di quello da sacerdote o del semplice basco ormai prediletto da quasi tutti i preti.

Il sacerdote abita in un edificio di proprietà della Santa Sede proprio di fronte alle Mura Leonine, dove da tre giorni la porta dell'appartamento è chiusa e il telefono squilla a vuoto. Presto dovrà lasciare anche l'immobile. Dopo la sospensione sembra infatti certo che in tempi brevi arriverà anche il licenziamento, che dovrà essere deciso dal tribunale Vaticano. Ma sulla sentenza ci sono pochi dubbi: con Benedetto XVI la linea è quella della "tolleranza zero" nei riguardi di tutti i sacerdoti che non rispettano il voto di castità, come hanno potuto sperimentare già diversi altri prelati allontanati dopo l'elezione di Ratzinger. (13 ottobre 2007)

Ja! Dat is om te huilen.

zaterdag, oktober 13, 2007

Soms zijn berichten minstens een 12 waard!

Bij denken over een kamermeerderheid die een VOG wil ook voor kerkelijk funcrionarissen
die met kinderen werken en het antwoord hierop van een toekomstig deken, die meent dat dat grondwettelijk niet kan, zijn sommige berichten minstens een 12 waard!

..."Volgens de krant La Reppublica: ....de prelaat beging een stommiteit! "

Tja. Maar die in Nederland grondwettelijk toegestane schaterlach en het vrije woord kwam mij even heel erg goed uit!

Na deelname aan tv-uitzending Vaticaan schorst hoge homoseksuele prelaat
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans
za 13 okt '07 om 16:00u

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VATICAANSTAD (RKnieuws.net) - Het Vaticaan heeft een hoge prelaat die
onlangs tijdens een tv-uitzending in Italië verklaarde homoseksueel te zijn
geschorst. Dat heeft Federico Lombardi, de woordvoerder van het Vaticaan,
vandaag bekend gemaakt. Tijdens de uitzending was het gezicht van de prelaat
verborgen en zijn stem vervormd.

Er wordt nu een discreet en streng onderzoek ingesteld.
Het gedrag van de prelaat komt niet overeen met de zending van de H.
Stoel, wordt gesteld.

Volgens de krant La Reppublica zou de betrokken prelaat een diensthoofd
van een jaar of 60 zijn, die werkzaam is bij de Congregatie voor de Clerus.Aan
de uitzending hadden vier homoseksuele priesters meegewerkt. Zij werden
onherkenbaar in beeld gebracht en hun stemmen werden vervormd.

Maar de prelaat beging de stommiteit de televisieploeg in zijn kantoor in het Vaticaan te ontvangen. Zijn medewerkers herkenden het kantoor met de
gevolgen vandien.

In de uitzending stelde de prelaat dat hij zich geen zondaar voelt maar dat hij discreet moet blijven om niet op het matje te worden geroepen door zijn
oversten. (tb)

zaterdag, oktober 06, 2007

overtreffendste trap

checkpoint Charlie

"Ik begrijp de pater niet" schrijft een man, die ontroerend vertelt over het kind dat hij was en een pater die zijn fikken niet bij zich kon houden bij dat kind.

Heel langszaam komt dat weten: ik wou dat ik 'm dat na kon zeggen.

Zou dat de overtreffendste trap van het woord machteloos zijn?

donderdag, oktober 04, 2007


Professie bruid
Silent Sisters secrets keep,
while victims cry at bishops' feet.
You! so loud before the crowd

Silent Sisters' secrets squeer,
your own victims you do not hear.
Avant garde without regard!
Look now within and face your fear.

Silent Sisters, secrets kill
your own victims, while you are still.
Vestal queens, chaste but in dreams,
yet, while your lust in dark fulfill.

Silent Sisters' secrets told
today by children,grown too old,
expose the lie that caused to die
the innocence of the fold.

Silent Sisters, secrets passed
adult to child can never last.
Shepherds teach us by their breach
of Charity, while stones you cast!

Silent Sisters' secrets known
cause Church and Spirit both to groan.
You despise the bishops' lies?
From your glass cloister, cast no stone!>

Thanks Cait

Seksueel misbruik door nonnen. Het onbekende verhaal. Maak je borsten maar nat!

Sex abuse by nuns: the unknown story
By Christopher Landau BBC News

The crisis over child sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church has cost the organisation both in terms of levels of public trust and compensation payouts.

When American bishops decided in 2002 to conduct an audit of the scale of the problem, their initiative was given a cautious welcome by survivors of sexual abuse.

But one part of the church was not part of the audit.
Nuns, officially known as "women religious", do not always fall under the authority of their local bishop.

This meant they stood outside the remit of the study, even though there are documented cases where Catholic nuns have committed child sexual abuse.

In Portland, Oregon, there are six new lawsuits against the Catholic Church. Two are in relation to accusations made against nuns.

Kelly Clark is a lawyer who specialises in sexual abuse cases in the state.
He said: "I have more resistance these days from religious orders involving nuns, more denial, than I have from any archdiocese or any religious order involving priests."

He says that nuns are 10 to 15 years behind the rest of the church in their attitude to dealing with accusations of abuse.

One campaigner who agrees is Steve Theisen. He was abused over a three-year period by a nun who was a teacher at his school.
His view is: "I don't think they've even taken a first step on this."

Mr Theisen now runs a network for those who have been abused by Catholic leaders.
His research has uncovered more than 60 cases of abuse committed by nuns.

No audit
The Leadership Conference for Women Religious is the umbrella group for women's religious orders in the US.
Its executive director, Sister Carole Shinnick, says that her members have worked hard to make sure there are proper policies in place to ensure the protection of children.
But she admits that, unlike the steps taken by bishops to establish the scale of the abuse problem among priests, no audit has been carried out to determine how many nuns have abused children.

"We haven't done an audit... but the fact of the matter is it isn't something we've been asked to do," she said.
And knowing the scale of the problem does not necessarily lead to a solution.


The bishops in the US have now adopted a "zero tolerance" strategy to sexual abuse, which means that priests found to have acted inappropriately must leave the church.

In Silver Spring, Maryland, the St Luke Institute exists to help priests and nuns with psychological problems, including sexual disorders.
The institute was once a major centre for the treatment of priests who had been found guilty of sexually abusing children.

But as a result of the zero tolerance policy, such priests no longer tend to receive treatment within the church - they are simply expelled from the priesthood.

As the director of the centre, the Rev Stephen Rossetti, explains: "Once we throw them out of the priesthood we no longer have a supervisory role - they're gone from our structure.
"They can still be members of the church but they're unsupervised... but where do they go?"

Few would suggest that the scale of the sex abuse problem among nuns will ever reach the rate seen among abusive priests.

But the lessons for the church - about the value of transparency - are the same, and victims of abuse by nuns believe the church has a long way to go to reassure them.

Story from BBC NEWS:http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/americas/7022694.stmPublished: 2007/10/02 09:30:38 GMT

De natte droom van de bisschop: zijn eigen paradijs. opnieuw: Boystown. Nu in Zuid Afrika

Van de week hernieuwd Mount Cashel, Canada

Nu opnieuw - en ook niet voor de eerste keer: - weer een Boystown. Zuid Afrika dit keer

Check out all the players, the time is now is de advertentie opgenomen in de berichtgeving over de begrafenis over deze player, May 29 2002

De welgerespecteerd bisschop, Big Daddy, stichter van Boys Town, een tehuis voor misbruikte en verlaten jongens.

"Hij had zijn droom verwerkelijkt".

Yep, wat een waargemaakte natte droom. Andere creaps beschreven de spelopbouw en het speelveld in hun handboeken.

Als elke goede speler (en reclame) deze kerels weten heel goed wat ze doen, hoe zij hun dromen welbewust waar konden en kunnen maken. Binnen en dankzij die kerk.

Teamplayers in Topsport. Generaties lang getraind!

Pupils of Boys Town were there, too, to pay their last respects to
Orsmond. Daniel said Orsmond's warmth and humanity,
"the reason for his concern for others, especially to those who were oppressed", would be missed most.

Als je er niet zo strontmisselijk van werd, zou je er om kunnen huilen van het lachen.

Check out all the players, the time is now om aan die nachtmerrie een eind te maken.

Bishop is labelled a 'child molester'
By Kashiefa Ajam and Janet Smith

One of South Africa's most prominent Catholic bishops has been described as a child molester in shocking revelations in a new book.

Writer Mario d'Offizi pulls no punches in explicit details about his alleged sexual encounters with the late Reginald Orsmond, who was the highly-regarded Bishop of Johannesburg from 1984 until his death in 2002.

D'Offizi was 13 and a resident of Boys' Town in the Magaliesburg in the 1960s at the time he says he was first abused.

The celebrated founder of the youth care organisation apparently molested him for three years.
D'Offizi's dramatic revelations - which are laid bare in his memoir, Bless Me Father, include descriptions of how he was plied with alcohol before the leading cleric engaged him in a sex act.

"I went back to the bed and sat down," he writes. "My head started swimming and I felt nauseous. I fought the tears. Father Orsmond's hand fondled my thigh; then he reached for my fly and unzipped it . . . Then he took my hand and placed it on his private parts."

Speaking to The Independent on Saturday this week, D'Offizi, 58, said writing the chapter about Orsmond, who was affectionately known as "Big Daddy" to some of the residents, was
"the most difficult thing I ever had to do".

The rest of the book concerns other aspects of his life. "I had realised in order to understand how I had led such a reckless life, I had to go back - and there was Father Orsmond."

Another old friend from Boys' Town, whose name is known to The Independent on Saturday, also made a chilling revelation.
D'Offizi writes: "I told him my dark secret, and he hugged me. He told me that his younger brother, who had died a few years earlier, had been molested by Father Orsmond."

Father Chris Townsend, information officer at the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC), said "the content is just incredible".
"There are many things said there that there is no way to answer because Reg is dead.
Memory is a dangerous thing, and it is very difficult to make an informed judgment on the claims of the book."

D'Offizi says he is concerned about the fallout from within the Catholic church and former Boys' Town residents and he makes it clear that he regarded the bishop as "an absolutely wonderful teacher".

D'Offizi himself says Boys' Town taught him all the values he still holds high. "I really believe in its ideals. I cannot say a bad word about Boys' Town."

Townsend says the Orsmond family have been "very hurt" by the allegations, but they are not talking to the media. Publisher Andrew Miller of Geko Books, which is releasing Bless Me Father in mid-October, said they have had no challenge from the Orsmond family or the SACBC.

D'Offizi says although he is "sorry in some ways for breaking down something people hold dear to them", he has not forgotten what Orsmond taught him. "Have the courage of your convictions, and take the consequence of your actions. I shall do that."

Church Pledges Action On Clerical Sex Abuse Claim

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Independent on Saturday on September 29, 2007


Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi)NEWS2 October 2007
Posted to the web 2 October 2007 Pretoria

The Catholic Church has invited a man claiming to have been sexually molested by a deceased bishop to seek audience with a competent Church authority.

The Church said it noted with great sadness the alleged child sexual abuse of Mario D'Offisi by the late Bishop Reginald Orsmond of Johannesburg during their time together at Boys Town in the 1960's.

Magazine editor D'Offizi alleges in an autobiography to be released next month that Orsmond sexually abused him during three years at Boys Town in the Magaliesberg.

Bishop Orsmond - who died in 2002 - is remembered for founding the largest private childcare organization in South Africa, the Boys Town children's home, in 1958.

The Southern African Catholic Church's spokesman, Fr Chris Townsend, said the church had a clear position against sexual abuse of any kind and had been consistent in strongly condemning the "deplorable behaviour within the church and within society as a whole."

He said Bishop Orsmond was a larger-than-life character in the lives of so many people and it was unfortunate that allegations of sexual abuse had come years after his death.

"In accordance to our commitment to pastoral care of those who perceive themselves as victims, we invite Mr D'Offizi and all others who feel that they are victims of abuse by Catholic Clergy and Religious to share their story with a competent church authority so that swift and compassionate action can be taken."

Fr Townsend said the allegations would hurt many people, but hoped justice would be done.

"All will be hurting due to these allegations. We all hope that whatever processes are undertaken, justice may be served to the benefit of all affected by this.

The Protocol for dealing with sexual abuse of children in Southern Africa is available on the Church's official website: http://www.sacbc.org.za/

I was one of the boys Orsmond tried to molest
Published:Oct 07, 2007

I was a student at Boys Town Magaliesberg from mid-1965 to the end of 1968.

Your article “Boys Town bishop accused of molestation” (September 30), is indeed true. The so-called “counselling” by Father Orsmond of boys was an idea I did not take kindly to.
It is a pity this came out only after Orsmond passed away.

At the time I was there we were 99 boys, with most of the boys being Catholic and about 10% from other denominations.
I am of the Anglican faith and was one of the few boys at Boys Town by choice. The Catholic boys were committed by social welfare.

There were different citizenships for the school, depending on how well one behaved oneself and how one played the game with Father Orsmond’s cronies.

We called them Father’s pretty boys and, believe me, there were quite a few. They were allowed to go to his room at night and drink wine, and those who smoked were given cigarettes (pipe and tobacco smoking was allowed after age 15 with your parents’ written permission).

I ran away from the institution because of the sexual advances made by Father Orsmond and some of the senior counsellors. I withhold names.

When I got home, I told my parents what was going on there, but was told it was a figment of my imagination as a Roman Catholic priest would not do this.
At that time, a Mr Haywood was the school secretary and he denied to my parents that there was any abuse of boys. In fact, the conversation became so heated that my father almost assaulted him when we got to Boys Town.

I was taken back there and, in a private session with my parents, Father Orsmond denied all my allegations.

I was then told that my suitcase was being packed and that I was going home.
When I was ready to go, Father Orsmond changed his mind. I will never forget his words.

I quote: “Brian is easily influenced and misle d by others, and we will give him one last chance.”

I was dismayed and upset and told them I would run away again and this time go to the police or social welfare if any sexual advances were made to me by any person.

I was left alone for a while, but then some counsellors tried to get clever with me again. One evening two of them cornered me while I was showering and they tried to get funny with me. I screamed. A few of the other boys came to my rescue. ...van het artikel