maandag, april 27, 2020

Sex and history. And skin and bone.
And the oppression of Sunday afternoon.
Bells called the faithful to devotion.
I was still at school and on my own.
And walked and walked and sheltered from the rain.
The patriot was made of drenched stone.
His lips were still speaking. The gun
he held had just killed someone.
I looked up. And looked at him again.
He stared past me without recognition.
I moved my lips and wondered how the rain
would taste if my tongue were made of stone.
And wished it was. And whispered so that no one
could hear it but him. Make me a heroine.

 Eavan Boland 1944 / 27-4-2020 

Brief aan de koning

boer pas op je kippen

Why the ABC's reporting of the George Pell case wasn't a witch-hunt


Victoria's Attorney General, Jill Hennessy, has said there are no legal impediments to prevent the release of unredacted portions of the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The unanimous High Court decision acquitting George Pell earlier this month cleared the way for the release of some unpublished findings of the Royal Commission relating to his evidence about the way in which allegations of abuse were handled in the Catholic diocese of Ballarat.

Cardinal Pell was questioned about what he may have known about paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale 
and the offending of other priests.


donderdag, april 23, 2020

θάλασσα πλατειά

Κλαις εσύ και κλαίει η γη

κελαηδείς και κελαηδεί

Δώσ’ μου χέρι να σταθώ

dinsdag, april 21, 2020

The cat came back

Naar de bioscoop kan even niet, maar thuiskijken is niet minder verrassend, vooral in de Museumweek. Musea zetten hun pronkstukken in de etalage, Eye Filmmuseum presenteert drie recent gerestaureerde 68mm-nitraatfilmpjes. Een duik in het verleden met 120 jaar oude opnamen van het bloemencorso, het kindercircus en een stille komedie.


Mi oso es mi kast 

Zorg dat je erbij komt 

zaterdag, april 18, 2020

Appie en Gerrit


bron: Amsterdams Stadsarchief

 de Gerrit van der Veen en Rubens 

Een cel is maar 2 meter lang en nauw...zo'n metertje of 2 

dinsdag, april 14, 2020

Ships of Fools 'We have nothing to hide' -- Why Dutch people don't mind you peering into their homes

schreef Katja Brokke

kennelijk voor Airbnb en de keukenhof



Children outside the Goodwood Orphanage

Children of the St.Vincent de Paul's Orphanage (Sisters of Mercy) and their priest photographed at the entrance to the orphanage building on Goodwood Road, Goodwood, South Australia. Amongst the children are Clarence John Twining (known as John Clarence Twining) born in 1913 who lived at the orphange from age 6 until he was approximately 13 years old. His eldest sisters, Elsie and Sylvia, also lived there, with younger brother George. The youngest of the family, Leo, was too young and therefore adopted. A researcher has identified the children of Mary Jane (nee McDonald) and John Wilson: Eileen Mavis (b1913), Mary Veronica (b1914), 'Betty' (Elizabeth) Mary Konetta (b1910), Donald James (b1916) and Colin John Wilson (b1911) were taken to Goodwood Orphanage in February 1920 after their mother died of Spanish Flu in October 1919.

Jürgen Weber. Neurenberg


Zou je zonder drone het huis kunnen fotograferen in deze steeg
waar een meisje/vrouw woonde die -  i.t.t. een van mijn genendragers 
een choleraepidemie - overleefde? 
Zij had een prachtig handschrift. Hij waarschijnlijk niet: hij was arts. En liet zijn kinderen na. 
En mijn [klein]kinderen!

En terwijl ik met met deze beelden speelde belde een medewerkster van één van die kerels met hun grote bekken op; een leuke meid met een vragenlijst en een onderzoek.

Over voetstappen die klonken op een speelplaats, voetstappen van de Mensen die je aan kon horen komen, waardoor we allemaal met onze armen over elkaar keurig recht gingen zitten: kies mij, kies mij.

Ja! ik houd van papiermagazijnen.
Hopelijk mijn [klein] kinderen niet!

zaterdag, april 11, 2020

donderdag, april 09, 2020

" Nolite Timere" * Appeal judges are reluctant to overturn jury verdicts. So why did they do it for George Pell?

"no more than a plain vanilla sexual penetration case 
where the child is not volunteering or actively participating".
Pell's barrister Robert Richter QC 


The Guardian

  • Rick Sarre 

  • is adjunct professor of law and criminal justice at the University of South Australia
  • This piece was originally published on the Conversation



But in cases such as Pell, the high court has reinforced the notion that, despite the jury having the primary responsibility of determining the guilt or innocence of a person on trial, its responsibility can be subject to a higher order.
This is because, ultimately, the appeal courts have been given an overriding responsibility of determining for themselves whether a jury decision is a safe decision that has not been infected with the hue and cry or matters outside the evidence that was put to them.
Whatever one may think , it is appropriate there be such a final arbiter in the justice process.
But one victim of this appeal result may be a loss of public confidence in the jury system. At the other end of the spectrum, others may lose confidence in the justice system itself.
I trust that neither is the outcome. But one could be excused for feeling a general uneasiness about the fact that, for all the store we place on juries in determining issues of guilt and innocence, their role can be dispensed with so easily."

dinsdag, april 07, 2020

twee kaatseballen in een net en een letter van banket ....


Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder
Und rufen dir im Grabe zu:
Ruhe sanfte, sanfte ruh!