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Proposal floated to restart truth commission By The Canadian PressThu. Oct 30 - 4:47 AM
TORONTO — Lawyers participating in the commission into Indian residential school abuse have tabled a proposal aimed at moving the stalled process forward.
The $60-million, five-year Truth and Reconciliation Commission was derailed only months after it began when its head, Justice Harry LaForme, suddenly resigned last week.

Lawyers for the federal government and representatives from the Catholic, Anglican, United and Presbyterian churches gathered in a closed-door meeting in Toronto on Wednesday to discuss the proposal with members of the Assembly of First Nations and Inuit officials.

"Productive discussions followed amongst counsel, all of whom are now seeking instructions from their respective clients," said John Phillips, lawyer for the AFN and National Chief Phil Fontaine, following the more than four-hour meeting.

The proposal’s contents are not being disclosed while the groups have it under review.
"The parties remain committed to ensuring that the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is fulfilled in the interest of the survivors and class members," Phillips said.

Another meeting, where it’s expected decisions may begin to be made, is planned for next week.
The surprise resignation of LaForme, Canada’s first aboriginal appellate court judge, waylaid an already stalled investigative forum into decades of widespread sexual and physical abuse in the now-defunct schools.

LaForme has said disagreements arose over whether his role as chairman gave him authority to overrule the two other commissioners on the panel. He also specified a preference for reconciliation over extensive gathering of testimony from former students, which caused additional tension.

Naamdag Moeder Theresia

Een gletscher is een bevroren rivier.



Former Catholic Priest Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing MinorsMedia NewswireOctober 27, 2008

- CHICAGO - A defrocked Catholic priest was found guilty by a federal jury here Friday on two counts of sexually molesting a minor boy who lived periodically with him in Evanston, Ill., and accompanied him on interstate and international religious retreats. This guilty verdict resulted from an investigation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Illinois.

Donald J. McGuire, 78, from Chicago, was convicted of one count of traveling to Switzerland and Austria in December 2000 to engage in sexual activity with a minor, and one count of traveling to Buffalo, Minn., in August 2001 for the same purpose with the same victim.

McGuire, former spiritual advisor to Mother Teresa, was ordained in 1961 and was affiliated with the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus ( the Jesuits ) until he was defrocked last February.

During the three-week trial, five men testified that the former Jesuit priest had exploited and molested them when they were teenagers as they traveled with him on religious retreats.

According to court documents, between the mid-1990s and 2003, McGuire's primary residence was at Canisius House, a Jesuit priest community in Evanston. Since at least 1991, McGuire has had a number of restrictions placed on him concerning interaction with minors. According to multiple witnesses, however, McGuire continued to travel alone with boys in their teens and early 20s throughout the 1990s and through 2003, and sexually molested males during this time, including the victim (Dominick) who was 14 years old at the time he accompanied McGuire on a retreat to Switzerland and Austria in December 2000.

Dominick testified in court that McGuire sexually molested him between 1999 and the fall of 2003, and that he was 13 years old when the sexual abuse began. He also testified that he accompanied McGuire on numerous interstate and overseas trips, and that McGuire sexually abused him on nearly all the trips. According to Dominick, the sexual abuse ended when the Jesuits ordered McGuire to move from Canisius House to another residence in Chicago.

"Sexually exploiting children is despicable," said Gary Hartwig, special agent-in-charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Chicago. "ICE will go the extra mile to catch those individuals who prey on these innocent victims. Identifying and investigating those who victimize children - especially those who hold positions of public trust as in the case of Mr. McGuire - is one of the most important responsibilities ICE has.

"Under current federal law, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of a minor extends during the life of the victim.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Julie B. Ruder and April M. Perry, Northern District of Illinois, successfully prosecuted this case.

McGuire faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count. U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer scheduled sentencing for Dec. 18.

McGuire's investigation and arrest are part of Operation Predator, a national ICE initiative that protects children by investigating and presenting for prosecution pedophiles, Internet predators, human traffickers, international sex tourists, and other predatory criminals.

Since Operation Predator was launched in July 2003, ICE agents have arrested more than 11,500 child predators and sex offenders nationwide, including more than 600 in Illinois.

ICE encourages the public to report suspected child predators and any suspicious activity through its toll-free hotline at 1-866-DHS-2ICE. Investigators staff this hotline around the clock.
Suspected child sexual exploitation or missing children may be reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, an Operation Predator partner, at 1-800-843-5678 or http:/

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Schools commission to examine 'disappearances of children'

Snow falls on gravesites in the Wabasca Cemetery.
(Ken Armstrong for The Globe and Mail)

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
October 27, 2008

OTTAWA and TORONTO — The commission examining Indian residential schools is launching a massive new research project to find out who is buried on school grounds and what happened to the young aboriginal boys and girls who left for boarding schools and never returned home.

Kimberly Phillips, a spokesperson for Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, said the expanded research has been approved by Claudette Dumont-Smith, one of the commissioners.
The “Missing Children Research Project,” as it has been named, will include “an examination of the number and cause of deaths, illnesses and disappearances of children at the residential schools as well as the location of burial sites,” Ms. Phillips said.

Ms. Phillips said researchers will go through all relevant church and federal government records to find information that will help families looking for lost children. They will also prepare a questionnaire, and encourage former students and people who worked at the schools to come forward with their stories.

The commission's plans also suggest possible options for honouring the spirit of those who died.

According to a commission document obtained by The Globe and Mail, one option involves “visiting residential school sites where graves of Missing Children are located or the cemeteries near the schools where Missing Children have been buried.”

Tuberculosis was the most common reason cited for deaths at schools across the country, however, survivors have said that rumours have circulated over the years that some of the forgotten children died of neglect, abuse or even murder.

The project is viewed internally as highly daunting, given the sheer volume of material available and number of former students willing to talk. It will build on preliminary research that The Globe reported on Monday.

That research confirmed that several residential schools had graveyards on site, that children at some schools were tasked with digging graves, and that some of those cemeteries were unmarked or had only anonymous white crosses.

AFN national chief Phil Fontaine said through his lawyer yesterday that the documents featured in The Globe underscore the need for a commission to continue gathering the complete history of residential schools.

“This is the very kind of issue that needs to be raised,” John Phillips said. “It's the reason the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created.”

That view was echoed by Mike Cachagee, who says he buried the first of four classmates when he was eight years old at Saint John's Indian Residential School in Chapleau, Ont., and then at Moose Factory Indian Residential School in Moose Factory, Ont.

He said he was told the children died of tuberculosis.

Mr. Cachagee, who chairs the National Residential School Survivors' Society, said former students want these graves identified so they can better understand their family histories.

“We can't just have our people planted in the ground and forgotten about,” he said. “That's basically what they did.”

The missing children project has been given the green light as a key meeting is scheduled for Wednesday in Toronto to sort out the controversy over the surprise resignation of commission chairman Mr. Justice Harry LaForme and to map a way forward.

Mr. Phillips will represent the AFN, and lawyers for the federal government, churches and former students will also attend.

There are many differences of opinion heading into the meeting. The federal government wants a legal clarification of the role and powers of the three commissioners. In his resignation letter, Judge LaForme had said there was disagreement over whether the chairman can overrule the two commissioners or whether the three individuals must operate on consensus or majority rule.

Judge LaForme has also claimed that the two other commissioners disagreed with his view that reconciliation should take precedence over digging up truth from the past.

A source close to the process said one of the principal questions to be addressed is whether commissioners Jane Brewin Morley and Ms. Dumont-Smith should be replaced, in light of Justice LaForme's acrimonious departure.

“You'd have to be crazy to step into the remnants of such a dysfunctional situation,” the source said.


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SGP schaft begrip theocratie af
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op zaterdag 25 oktober 2008 om 20:25u (Bron: Reformatorisch Dagblad)

DE MEERN ( - SGP-prominenten zullen niet langer zeggen dat ze een theocratie voorstaan, maar dat ze Bijbels genormeerde politiek nastreven of woorden van dergelijke strekking.
Het SGP-kader heeft besloten om het begrip theocratie te vermijden omdat het gauw misverstanden oproept. Te gemakkelijk worden associaties gelegd tussen de SGP en moslimfundamentalisten die streven naar een islamitische dictatoriale theocratie. (tb)

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Dalai Lama geeft strijd met China op

(Novum/AP) - De Dalai Lama heeft zijn pogingen opgegeven om China ervan te overtuigen dat het Tibet meer autonomie moet geven. Dat heeft de geestelijk leider van de Tibetaanse boeddhisten zaterdag gezegd. Hij zei dat hij het Tibetaanse volk zal vragen te beslissen hoe de daloog nu verder moet worden gevoerd.
China heeft de Dalai Lama er bij herhaling van beschuldigd Tibet van China te willen afsplitsen. De Dalai Lama ontkent dat. Hij wil alleen meer autonomie om de unieke boeddhistische cultuur van Tibet te beschermeen, zegt hij. Hij noemt dat de 'middenweg'.
" Ik heb oprecht de middenweg bepleit in mijn langdurige contacten met China, maar er is geen enkele positieve respons op gekomen van Chinese kant" zei hij in zijn Indiase ballingsoord Dharmsala. "Wat mijzelf betreft heb ik het opgeven." Maar de kwestie Tibet gaat ook zes miljoen Tibetanen aan, zei hij. "Ik heb de Tibetaanse regering in ballingschap, als een ware democratie in ballingschap, gevraagd samen met het Tibetaanse volk de toekomstige koers te bepalen."

MozesMina Ship of fools

Zegt Mina tegen Elias: kijk, Norbert, zo sjokt de beschaving voort.

’Vrouwen mogen straks officieel lector zijn’
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op zaterdag 25 oktober 2008 om 15:55u

VATICAANSTAD ( - De synode heeft in de conclusies van haar zaterdag gepubliceerde werkzaamheden voorgesteld dat de vrouwen een belangrijkere plaats moeten krijgen in de lezing van de Bijbel tijdens de ceremonies. De bisschoppen vinden met name dat het lectoraat opengesteld moet worden voor vrouwen.
Het is één van de 55 voorstellen van de synode. Het voorstel wil de rol van de leken in de verspreiding van het geloof aanmoedigen.De voorstellen die in hun voorlopige versie in het Italiaans gepubliceerd zijn moeten in het Latijn aan de paus voorgelegd worden en als basis dienen voor de redactie van de apostolische post-synodale exhortatie.Het kerkelijk recht voorziet dat het lectoraat kan toevertrouwd worden aan mannelijke leken die de leeftijd en de vereiste kwaliteiten hebben, vastgelegd door de bisschoppenconferentie.In de praktijk lezen de vrouwen tijdens ceremonies de bijbel al op vraag, maar niet in het kader van een officiële taak. (tb)


One of the most remakable things about all this is
that two "parents", male and female, are needed to
start one new life. This has much to do with the great
variety of living creatures. You see, if each boy was
descended only from his father he would probably
posses only the same qualities as the father;
but because he has a mother, too, some of the
likeness may be in him, so that he may "take after" each
parent in some ways and be a completely different and
orginal combination of qualities.
That is one of the most fascinating result of the method God
uses to hand life on from one generation to another.

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Jezuitenvraag bij 15 minutes of fame dankzij Asshol

;Witness questions truthfulness of priest's accuser

Weer een familie in *** door McGuire.
Schoonpa stimuleert 22 jarige schoonzoon om proces aan te gaan, om hem vervolgens als leugenaar voor de rechtbank - en bij deze high profile mijnheer kassa! met zijn high profile kindzuster dus zeker wereldwijd - neer te zetten; wiens 15 minutes of fame ?
Wie heeft er nu gelogen en wie heeft nu wie genaaid, Dr. Murphy?

Mary Dedinsky on -->October 20, 2008
The father-in-law of a man who alleges he was abused by a Jesuit priest testified today that he has difficulty trusting the young man who married his oldest daughter.

Peter DeMarco testified for the defense at the ongoing trial of Donald McGuire, now defrocked and accused of abusing boys in his care. McGuire's chief accuser, known in court as Dominick, testified earlier this month that McGuire had sexual contact with him beginning in 1999, when the accuser was 13.

rest artikel
-Jeff Coen

Recht of politiek? Justice Harry S. LaForme resigns as Chair of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Zo schreed de beschaving voort...
"Today Canada has taken a significant step toward reconciliation of Aboriginal people with other Canadian citizens," said Eduardo Gonzalez, deputy director of the Americas Program at the ICTJ."We hope his statement means the government will respect the independence of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and support its work, its conclusions and its recommendations," Mr. Gonzalez said. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission officially began its work June 1.

Eén commissie, een rechter als voorzitter, Aboriginal elders have on three (3) occasions presented him with an Eagle Feather, symbolizing the virtues of honesty, integrity, and respect; the most recent being at his swearing in as a Judge of the Ontario Court of Appeal
en 2 commisieleden met 'n juridische- en zorg carriere, daarmee dus het politiek beleid...
(En dan ook nog eens 1 man, 2 vrouwen)

Wat jammer dat door de scheiding Kerk en Staat in zo'n opdracht de rechterlijke macht geen opdracht kan geven vanaf dag 1 hun persoonlijke ervaringen vast te leggen;
er is leven ook ná de TRC, en van dit soort mensen en hun keuzes kan een mens óók gelukkig worden!

God heeft een droom.
Wat een pest klus. Wat een moed.

TORONTO, Oct. 20 /CNW/

- Justice Harry S. LaForme today resigned as
Commission Chair of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation
citing an "incurable problem" that has led him to conclude that
the Commission "as currently constituted" will fail.

"At the heart of it is an incurable problem. The two Commissioners are
unprepared to accept that the structure of the Commission requires that the
TRC's course is to be charted and its objectives are to be shaped ultimately
through the authority and leadership of its Chair," he said in a letter to
Chuck Strahl, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

The other two commissioners are Jane Brewin-Morley and Claudette
Dumont-Smith. They have "repeatedly and openly" rejected the proposition that
the Chair was to shape the Commission's course, Justice LaForme said in the
letter. He was chosen as Chair on April 28, 2008. He is a judge of the Ontario
Court of Appeal.

"Challenging the reality that they were appointed as providers of advice
and assistance to the Chair, the two have chosen to compete for control of the
Commission by insisting that it is to be run on the basis of simple majority
rule...Efforts on my part and on the part of others to move the Commission
away from their position toward one that would restore functionality and
respect have been futile."
This, he said, has put the Commission "on the verge of paralysis."

Justice LaForme said the other two Commissioners do not embrace his
interpretation of the mandate that emphasizes reconciliation. They and their
supporters "see the TRC as primarily a truth commission. Unlike mine, theirs
is a view that leaves much of the work of reconciliation for another day. It
is a view that does not recognize the need for uncovering and recording the
truths of the IRS (Indian Residential Schools) past and legacy as but a part,
however important, of the greater whole of reconciliation."

"This difference in views would not be insurmountable if ours were merely
a case of competing visions open to debate and beneficial solutions. But they
are not. The two Commissioners insist that the direction of the Commission is
to be determined through a majority vote - thereby ensuring that their
restricted vision will be the one consistently sustained.

Apart from the essential fact that this not what was contemplated in their appointment,
majority votes at the TRC are unworkable for another, practical, reason.

The current unique situation of the TRC is that the two Commissioners have made it
clear that their majority rule would not be grounded in Commission
but would be shaped by the influence by some of the parties and
their political representatives."

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created as the result of a
court-approved agreement to settle legal claims that residential school
survivors and others brought against the Government of Canada and Church
entities. The Commission reports to the parties of the settlement agreement
through the courts.

The Commission's mandate is to document the residential school experience
through national and regional events with the aim of healing and forging a new relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians.

This is a remarkable beginning to the process as the strong speech reveals our “national opportunity to recover our moral compass.” Although, we must not diminish the fact that the process of Truth and Reconciliation will be on many different levels hard for the individual, family and community. The speech talks to the truths of this process and instilling that, “reconciliation is not an academic activity and it isn’t cheap. Before the truth can heal, it may hurt. Sometimes it may be a messy task, and it may bring out uncomfortable truths. We must have the fortitude to acknowledge and work through these truths. Reconciliation is not magic either. It is a journey that we will all take together.”

Bob Watts

foto jk

LaForme zei ooit ergens (waar las ik dat??) apetrots te zijn op dat Canadese rechtssyteem, wat hij als beste ter wereld zag. Nu maar hopen dat dat geen pr praatje was, maar inderdaad een geloof. Want dan mag God een droom hebben, maar 40 jaar is een rot eind sjokken. Elk jaar minder is er één mooi meegenomen, en God zal nog wel een paar dromen meer hebben.

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Zweden God has a plan for us all; Prayer group outrage over church music video

Prayer group outrage over church music video
God Has A Plan For Us All

Let his holy choirs
sing in sodomy, praise be!

Surrender your body & soul unto him, demoralize me!

So he crept into my room
Whispered my name, Took my innocents away
I´m only five, a perverts concubine

God has a plan for us all
I´ve been touched by the hand of god
My sordid tale, his lie's are blasphemy

You do not believe in him but he believes, in you
He wants you to repent, all your sins, let him in, inside you!

God has a plan for us all
You are one of gods children
Get on your knee's, Serve him well my child

I´ve fallen prey to the devil disguise

God has a plan for us all
Don´t say a word or you'll go to hell
God has a plan for you all
Open up for him! Let jesus in!
His sordid tale, his lies are blasphemy!

Sarah Jezebel Deva Vocals/Lyrics

Meaning of the lyrics:"God has a plan for us all" is the a common line religious people give us for when things go wrong in our life.Its the only explanation they can give as to why people contract fatal illnesses or die in car accidents or suffer through poverty and so on! This is displayed in
the front cover artwork and is also covered in many of the subjects ive choosen to write about. The artwork displays a young womans self destruction through
years of sexual, mental abuse ,neglect, depression and eventually leads to her suicide.Its all very complex and not very positive i admit but it covers a lot of subjects we can all relate too. There are some positive subjects also like lust, sex and fantasy. The rest are based around what I discribed a few lines up also self harming, mental illness, love, hate, anger, dissapointment! Haha!

Its not as bad as I make it all sound! It´s about life! Read the lyrics and it will make more sense! I didn´t want to sing about graveyards and vampires and rainbows, I picked subjects that effect us in everyday life.The song covers two subjects but they are both linked. Written about a man who preaches gods word yet finds it acceptable to sexually abuse children. Also this song describes the pitiful chilché used by many religous people who can´t offer any other explanation as to why people suffer in their life. Rape, murder, poverty, whatever it may be, the only excuse that can be offered is: "God Has A Plan For Us All"!

toegevoegde link dd 21-10-08

The Local, Sweden
Published: 16 Oct 08

A vicar from northern Sweden has been blasted by a prayer group for allowing a rock band to film a video in an area church.
“Both suicide and sexual assault are in the video that was recorded in Njurunda Church. That is totally unacceptable,” said Karin Olofsson of the Betel prayer group to the Sundsvalls Tidning newspaper.

Two years ago, the group Angtoria asked Njurunda Church vicar Olof Lönneborg for permission to record a video in the church.
The video is for a song entitled ‘God has a plan for us all’, and deals with a 5-year-old girl who is sexually molested by a priest and later commits suicide.

Olofsson blames church officials for not taking a close enough look at the rock band and its lyrics.

The vicar doesn’t see the song’s subject matter as reason for not allowing the recording to take place.“This is a real problem and where else would we talk about such questions if not in a church?” he told the newspaper Dagen.

However, Lönneborg feels that members of Angtoria took advantage of his offer by not abiding by the terms of the agreement he made with them.
In the video, members of the band can be seen playing their instruments while standing on the altar, interspersed with images of a girl and a priest.“We were in total agreement that they were not to desecrate the church,” he said.“I said that they couldn’t be on the altar; I’d never imagined that they could do this. They also weren’t allowed to wear any liturgical clothing. It was a violation of our agreement.

”While Lönneborg is sympathetic with those who are upset by the decision, he doesn’t see the point of dwelling on the issue.“I agree that it was highly inappropriate. I called them up and told them, but they’d already gotten their pictures,” he told Dagen.

Måns Berthas, who directed the Angtoria video, is surprised by the reaction. He claims the band was straightforward with Lönneborg and that both he and other church officials came by to see the recording session.

According to Berthas, the prayer group’s reaction demonstrates the importance of making similar videos in the future.“It shows there is a need to have a debate about these questions when these types of discussions come up,” he told Sundsvalls Tidning.

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De Miserabelen

Predikantentoga’s voor musical ‘Les Misérables’

Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op donderdag 16 oktober 2008 om 09:35u (Bron: Friesch Dagblad)
HUISSEN ( - Toga’s van predikanten uit heel Nederland worden gebruikt in de musical Les Misérables. Een oproepje in het blad Predikant & Samenleving heeft de theatergroep Koperen Kees al tien toga’s opgeleverd. ,,We hebben heel veel reacties gekregen, vertelt productieleider Hanneke Been. Ze is zelf in het dagelijks leven werkzaam op het kantoor van de Bond van Vrije Evangelische Gemeenten en kwam er zo op om kerkelijk Nederland in te schakelen.

In de kerstvakantie gaat de theatergroep het stuk, gebaseerd op de roman uit 1862 van Victor Hugo, opvoeren.

,,In de musical zijn er ook rollen voor een rechter, advocaat en aanklager. We hebben eerst geprobeerd om de toga’s bij een rechtbank te lenen. Dat bleek niet mogelijk. Toen dachten we: ‘De toga van een predikant lijkt ook wel op die van een rechter, alleen zonder boordje’.’’ Zodoende kwam de oproep in het ledenblad van de Bond van Nederlandse Predikanten.

Er kwamen reacties uit heel Nederland. Onder meer uit Amsterdam, Brielle en Nijmegen. ,,We hebben nu genoeg toga’s voor de uitvoering.’’ Voor de voorstelling wordt de gymzaal in het dorp bij Arnhem omgetoverd tot theaterzaal.
In de musical spelen ook een bisschop, priester en misdienaren mee. ,,Het zou prachtig zijn als we daarvoor ook nog kleding aangeboden krijgen.”

Exclusive: Sacked priest Gerry Nugent in row over hospital
communion claim
Oct 11 2008 By Lachlan Mackinnon

SHAMED priest Gerry Nugent caused uproar in a cancer hospital over claims he tried to give communion to patients.

The alcoholic 64-year-old, who was sacked by the Catholic Church in the wake of the Angelika Kluk murder trial, visited Gartnavel General Hospital in

Nugent is said to have distressed patients and unsettled staff after turning up at the hospital's Beatson Oncology Centre last Sunday.

A source said: "He walked on to a ward dressed in his dog collar and began offering to carry out communion.
Rest artikel

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Deliver us from evil

Pedofilie in Amerikaanse kerk
Documentaire ’Deliver Us From Evil’ op Canvas
Geplaatst door Theo Borgermans op woensdag 15 oktober 2008 om 08:10u (Bron: VRT)

BRUSSEL ( - Canvas zendt vanavond de documentaire Deliver Us From Evil uit, een documentaire van Amy Berg over pedofilie in de Amerikaanse Kerk.

De centrale figuur in de film is priester Oliver O’Grady, een man die dertig jaar lang kinderen misbruikte.

Enkele van zijn slachtoffers en hun ouders brengen een moedig getuigenis over wat hen overkomen is en hoe ze na al die jaren nog dagelijks leven met de herinnering aan de pijnlijke gebeurtenissen van toen. Het criminele gedrag van O’Grady was de kerkelijke autoriteiten bekend, maar liever dan hem te sanctioneren of ergens in een klooster weg te stoppen, werd hij na elk schandaal weer verplaatst naar een andere parochie, waar alles opnieuw kon beginnen.

Maar de verantwoordelijke daarvoor, kardinaal Roger Mahoney, ontkent voor de camera koudweg dat de Kerk fouten heeft begaan.

Een andere priester, Tom Doyle, is het daar niet mee eens en probeert de slachtoffers van pedofiele priesters te helpen in hun kruistocht voor erkenning en gerechtigheid.

Maar het meest onthutsende aan de documentaire is het interview met priester O’Grady zelf, die ondertussen een toevlucht heeft gevonden onder de vleugels van de Ierse katholieke kerk.
Hij geeft alle feiten toe en praat erover met de grootste openheid , maar zonder de minste schaamte of schuldgevoel.

De film werd bekroond op het Los Angeles Film Festival (Best Documentary), de New York Film Critics Circle Awards (Best Non Fiction Film) en genomineerd voor een Oscar.Deliver Us From Evil, Canvas, woensdag 15 oktober, 22.55 u.