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The oldest Australian to seek redress for institutional child sexual abuse is one step closer after a Catholic order of nuns joined the redress scheme this week – but she wants more.

“It’s not enough for me to get redress when others are waiting. I am asking all other institutions to join the National Redress Scheme because it’s not fair that one should get redress and not another because we all suffered the same abuse,” said Hunter woman Mary, who turned 97 in December.
Mary and her sister were admitted to St Josephs Girls Home at Gore Hill in 1928 and remained until 1933.
Families and Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher announced that the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart are one of 10 groups joining the scheme from Thursday so that survivors’ claims can be processed.
Others include the Anglican Dioceses of Bendigo and the Northern Territory, Geelong Grammar School and the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.
“The interests of survivors are at the centre of everything we are doing with the National Redress Scheme. I am pleased that because of the institutions which have now joined, Mary’s claim can now be considered,” Mr Fletcher said.
He urged other churches, sporting clubs and organisations to “finalise the process and join as quickly as possible so other Australian survivors can access the support and acknowledgement they have been waiting for”.
It’s not enough for me to get redress when others are waiting.
Oldest Australian seeking redress, Hunter woman Mary, 97.
“The National Redress Scheme needs to be accessible to survivors throughout Australia which is why it is critical for every institution where historical abuse occurred to join as quickly as possible,” Mr Fletcher said.
Only one of Australia’s 35 Catholic dioceses is yet to join the National Redress Scheme.
The National Redress Scheme can provide counselling, a direct personal response from the institution where abuse occurred for survivors who want it, and a redress payment.
Mr Fletcher said he and his department were actively engaging with a large number of institutions to facilitate their participation in the scheme.

Mary said she was overwhelmed by the “wonderful news”.
“My goodness. I can’t believe it. I thought I was never going to get it,” she said.

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