dinsdag, april 16, 2013

Verjaringen Pax Vobiscum

Antonio Gramsci used to say about history that "If you don’t know where you come from, it’s going to be hard for you to know where you can go." Even though they keep promising us that our future is going to be wonderful, the truth is that we live in times that are full of confusion, violence and massacres in every part of the planet. Those is power speak of "humanitarian wars"; even the Pope assures us that there is such a thing as "just wars". The divide between rich people and those forced into a life of hunger and poverty is growing all the time. However, if we go and dig around in the history of humanity, we find that countless times the weak and the oppressed have succeeded in reversing that situation with ingenuity* and incredible strokes of genius, thereby regaining for themselves dignity and the right to live as free people.

That is precisely what happens in the fabulazzo that we are about to perform for you, in the hopes that you will find it useful as a lesson.


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