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Personal Bill of Rights

Personal Bill of Rights

 I have the right to freedom of speech
I have the right to be heard
I have the right to be respected
I have the right to accept and own my own power
I have the right to not disclose unless I am comfortable
I have the right to feel my emotions
I have the right to say no
I have the right to challenge the status quo
I have the right to ask questions
I have the right to be me
I have the right to own my own ideas
I have the right to my values and beliefs
I have the right to laugh

Dr. Alicia A. Dunlop, Toronto

maandag, september 27, 2021

Submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review for Ireland Twelfth Session of the Working Group on the UPR Human Rights Council

The Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) provides a forum where religious can work together in the mission they hold in common. We have a membership of 136 religious congregations representing over 9,000 men and women religious throughout the island of Ireland.
Our member congregations work in education; health; welfare; justice; human rights; ecology and many other areas. We convened as a Social Justice and Human Rights Working Group, identified our priority areas and carried out our consultations using interviews and Working Group meetings.

In our submission, we have focused on the following areas:
- Human Trafficking
- People with Learning Disabilities & Exceptional Abilities
- Literacy
- Children in Care
- Asylum Seekers.
Promotion and Protection of Human Rights on the Ground
Human Trafficking
1. Irish legislation pertaining to sexual exploitation is concerned less with protecting human rights and more with ensuring that the sex trade remains out of the public domain.1 Assessing the extent of human trafficking for sexual exploitation is extremely difficult. Research2 undertaken over a 21 month period
identified 1023 women as having been trafficked into or through Ireland. The same research estimated
that up to 1,000 women per day are involved in indoor prostitution in Ireland about 90% of whom are
migrant women.
2. While there are many factors involved in trafficking human beings for the purposes of sexual
exploitation, by far the most influential is the demand. The importance of developing measures to address the demand side has been raised by the UNHRC4 as well as the Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking.5 6
3. It is accepted that the view of prostitution in the 1949 Convention7 is not that expressed in the Protocol8 and while the policy line at the level of UN institutions is neutral, there is a strong body of opinion in Ireland that prostitution is a violation of many human rights.9 10 Developments in other countries11 have
given stimulus to a growing movement in Ireland campaigning for legislative change.12
4. The main anti trafficking legislation is the Criminal Justice (Human Trafficking) Act 200813.
Investigations of offences under the Act have not lead to any convictions14, which is in line with trends
elsewhere15. CORI feels that the definition of a trafficked person according to the Act16 as well as the non provision of strict liability17 may hinder successful convictions. Offices of national rapporteurs18 elsewhere19 have greatly enhanced the state’s efforts to combat human trafficking and such an office would be well placed to recommend improvements to the legislation.
5. The terms of protection for potential and suspected victims of trafficking are to be provided for in the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010 (now lapsed),20 and administrative arrangements21 have been in place pending the passing of the Act. Under the current provisions, only the protection path is open to victims of trafficking to remain in Ireland - their accommodation and welfare is devolved to the Reception and Integration Agency.22 Direct provision23 is the only arrangement offered by the
Agency and such arrangements are not suitable24 for victims of trafficking. Such arrangements are in breach of Article 625 of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. The conditionality26 on protection offered to victims of trafficking27 is a violation of their rights28
6. Current provision29 does not meet Ireland’s obligations to provide an effective remedy30 to victims of trafficking. Under the Palermo Protocol, State Parties must ensure that measures are available which afford victims the right to seek compensation. The Recommended Principles and Guidelines state that this right must be enforceable which would require - at a minimum - comprehensible information, financial aid (to pursue proceedings) and leave to remain in the country until all proceedings were concluded.

! Undertake a review of the office of National Rapporteur in Human Trafficking with a view to
making such an appointment in Ireland.
! Take Ireland’s human rights obligations into account in drafting

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Nun talks about sexual abuse by priests

Cap Breton Post
September 26, 2011

MABOU — A Roman Catholic nun told a crowd of more than 200 people Sunday the church hasn’t properly addressed the issue of sexual abuse at the hands of priests since the Mount Cashel orphanage scandal of the 1980s.

Sr. Nuala Kenny, a pediatrician, was a member of the commission looking into child sexual abuse by priests in St. John’s, N.L., from 1989-1991. The commission recommended the creation of the Canadian Conference on Catholic Bishops ad hoc committee on child sexual abuse.

A large crowd came to listen to what Kenny had to say at Dalbrae Academy in Mabou.

“It nearly killed me to be a nun, a baby doctor, sitting there listening to people describe what had happened when men of God, priests of my church, had offended against their children and teenagers,” Kenny said.

“It nearly broke my heart. The devastation that occurred was truly heartbreaking, but I thought we learned something, I thought we wrote something important.”

The reaction from clergy was to turn a blind eye to the abuse, and to move the offending priest to a new parish, she said.

Without participation by Canadian bishops to deal with the systemic problems that made sexual and physical abuse possible, the church can’t begin to heal itself so it can tackle other problems such as declining church attendance, Kenny added.

“We have not addressed, ‘Why has it happened the way it has happened? Why have we dealt with it the way we have?’

“I believe our bishops and our priests need our help big time. I’m not sure we’re going to get that, but it is an issue of concern to me that we’re never going to answer where the Lord’s leading us until we do it together.”

With the bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish, Brian Dunn, looking on, Kenny doesn’t hesitate to bring up the name of the diocese’s former bishop, Raymond Lahey.

Kenny commended Dunn for attending her presentation instead of “running away from it.” The audience gave Dunn an extended round of applause.

Lahey, 71, pleaded guilty in May to importing child pornography and voluntarily went to jail to begin serving time even before a formal sentencing.

Close to 600 photos, mostly of young teenaged boys, were found on Lahey’s laptop and a hand-held device when he was stopped at the Ottawa International Airport in September 2009.

Hearing the news of Lahey’s arrest and charges on her car radio, Kenny said she had to pull over to the side of the road and admitted she was shocked and nearly became physically ill.

“As you know, Raymond Lahey was a priest in Newfoundland at the time of our inquiry. My thought was, ‘Oh my God, what did we not do,’” Kenny said.

Lahey is currently in the sentencing phase of his trial, with another hearing tentatively scheduled for December.

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Wie de ogen sluit voor het verleden, is blind voor de toekomst* nieuws over het Nationaal Holocaust Namenmonument

*Richard von Weizsacker

15 september 2021 

Onthulling Namenmonument live op TV Aanstaande zondag wordt het Holocaust Namenmonument onthult door koning Willem-Alexander en Jacques Grishaver, voorzitter van het Nederlands Auschwitz Comité, in aanwezigheid van een aantal overlevenden en nabestaanden. 

Het is een besloten bijeenkomst en alle plaatsen zijn inmiddels vergeven. 

 De onthulling is live te volgen via NPO 1 en begint om 13.30 uur.

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Krombaan vuur! zuster, doe de deur eens open, varia varia varia varia, variahtjah


Leidend tot de conclussie: die nonnen hadden hun roeping gemist: ze hadden gewoon Deurwaarder moeten worden!
Arme Theodoos....

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Project Collaborateurs online

Met het project 'Collaborateurs online. Erfgoedinstellingen, internet en beladen persoonsgegevens', mogelijk dankzij het Mondriaan Fonds, wordt een kader ontwikkeld voor het online beschikbaar stellen van persoonsgegevens van collaborateurs. Enerzijds moet het recht doen aan de behoefte van het publiek om kennis te nemen van de oorlogsgeschiedenis van familieleden of plaatsgenoten, anderzijds moet het rekening houden met de ethische en morele bezwaren van nabestaanden van daders en slachtoffers. De uitkomst van het project vormt het fundament voor een symposium over online beladen erfgoed in 2021.

> Dinsdag 12 oktober 2021 | 13 - 17 uur Livestream via: <

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Joint statement: NCTR to work with the Oblates to access residential school records



Federal and provincial governments, medical institutions, and Catholic entities must provide open and accountable records access

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Proef druk



"Zee van sinaasappel
 overstroomt het centrum
 terwijl Londenaren
 wandelen in solidariteit met inheemse mensen"



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It had to be done

The FSIN says sites including the Muskowekwan IRS, Onion Lake St. Anthony's IRS, Beauval IRS, Guy Hill IRS, Lebret IRS and Sturgeon Landing IRS have potential mass graves.

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Brug 140



Permissions to come ashore  
fishing for Edward Colston, Bristol



Allemaal de buik vol

Dus lagen de  kinderen rustig achterin te slapen, 


had ook pa z'n buik vol

en wist ik niet dat ik het in me had:

op naar  de borden gebakken vis! 

Victoria, Victoria

driemaal in de rondte van je hopsasa 



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De Bosatlas; song of an ostracized imp

 Komt Sam Moos tegen op de Coolsingel ....

Hulde aan onze bevrijders! 




Toronto Star, 30-6-2021

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he asked that the national flag on the Peace Tower remain at half-mast for Canada Day to honour the Indigenous children who died in residential schools.

In a post on his Twitter account Wednesday, Trudeau said he made the decision as he and many Canadians reflect on the tragedy of the institutions.

Hours later, the Lower Kootenay Band in British Columbia said a search using ground-penetrating radar had found 182 human remains in unmarked graves at a site close to a former residential school in Cranbrook.

Speaking at a news conference in Ottawa, Trudeau said it’s not just for institutions and governments to act to right the wrongs that were done to Indigenous people but it’s also for individual Canadians to have conversations on what should be done.




Live web-streaming events in public libraries, ceremonies at University of Winnipeg mark report release

Winnipeg's Truth and Reconciliation events began Tuesday with a prayer and a question:

Jans Tabak

woensdag, juni 30, 2021

St. Eugene's Mission School in Cranbrook, B.C.: 182 unmarked graves


St. Eugene's Mission School in Cranbrook, B.C., was operated by the Catholic Church from 1912 until the early 1970s. The building has since been converted into a resort and casino, with an adjacent golf course. (St. Eugene Mission Resort/The Associated Press)
CBC News · 

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino: A First Nation Partnership Success Story

By Chief Sharon Stinson Henry

Locals reflect on evolution of residential schools

Apr 1, 2021
karavaanserail; door d'ene deur d'rin door d'andere  d'r weer uit

én dat is drie
Heb je wel gehoord van .....


maandag, juni 28, 2021

De zevensprong

Waar is Bernard van Beurden als 'm nodig hebt?!

waarop het antwoord dus dient te zijn: uitvinden die Annalen!!! 
Niet dus want dat hebben we allang gedaan, 
en ben zelfs ik al in 'n nog steeds met diepe minachting makende maar acceptabele tijd in staat 
zo'n handig overzichtje te lezen en zelfs  te snappen  
van de aantallen babylijkjes in de Amsterdamse grachten en
die af te zetten tegen de brood- en de aardappelprijzen
zónder wéér zo'n !@#!!! -met dank aan de Bond tegen het Vloeken- non
hoeveel procent van ons er dan wel of niet terecht komen 
en hebben we zelfs het achterdeurtje ingevoerd waardoor de 
H.H. Overheid ons informeert in welke gracht we nu weer al dan niet mogen dan wel kunnen gaan zwemmen ter vermijding van allerlei lijken en kan als er een of andere goochemerd
daar zin in heeft Harmen Snel opgepiept worden om ons een prachtig helden-verhaal te vertellen
over nóg zo'n Amsterdamse brugwachter  die precies op tijd voorkwam dat er wél lijken 
gingen drijven door er gewoon maar in te springen en te gaan vissen en hoe het feest er dan uitzag wanneer dat gevierd werd, mét bijbehorende stadsdichter:
zelfs ik draai m'n hand niet meer om voor de reguliere smeerlapperij- mededeling van zo'n non. [dank, dank, dank Vlaamse Jan met je tsunami, waardoor ik in ieder geval knap content kon/kan zijn met de kruising van Trimbos en  Adrianssens. 
Zelfs met mijzelf bij het me realiseren van wat een stap daar is gezet en wat zoveel shit heeft opgeleverd zodat we nu zonder enig probleem naar weer een volgende professor mogen kijken in zijn freakshow zonder dat er een andere freak opstaat die zegt dat we hersens niet in plakjes mogen snijden: ja hoor: mag best als je het maar mooi brengt en niet op z'n nons  als de befaamde plakjes natte-cake, zonder koffie dus dan maar in de vlaFlip.]  

Voorlopige conclussie: 

Blijven er nog 5 te gaan

Maar 't blijgt een hele mooie foto

Canada Day: "It isn't a rah-rah time, he said.I certainly have mixed views on it ..." Oranje boven, oranje boven: gunny sack races and other traditional games

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller on Canada Day 2021  [KLIK]

Some of them had never seen a railway train.
Everything was new to them. 
The big ships carrying them over were new. 
They didn't know too much about Europe . . . 
all they knew was trapping.82

Tijd voor Sigrid Kaag dus! 

Zaklopen gaan organiseren; naar Jan Steen komt met die tentoonstelling in het Rijksmuseum  nu toch niemand kijken....., 

dus die kunnen we namens het restauratieatelier Burgerweeshuis, onder het [zie de auto van het manneke] motto- "hulde aan onze bevrijders" ook best effe uitlenen. 

De Voorzienigheid Driehuis part. archief

Stadsarchief Gemeente Amsterdam


en wie het haast verborgen portret en 't kader van prinsjesdag  tóch wil zien:

zondag, juni 27, 2021

Turtles can fly



Misdaden tegen de menselijkheid

Why criminal charges for death at residential schools criminal charges for deaths at residentials schools

 would be unpreceded and enormously complex

Nick Boisvert · CBC News · 

Mea Culpa/SNAP

Wim Deetman adviseerde de paus

en Peter Adriaensens iedereen   [ zie 't Trimbos]