dinsdag, april 01, 2014


One important indicator is the number of cases of abuse of which we are aware coming from any particular institution. Many different institutions have come to our notice. In addition to the significant number of reports of abuse in foster care, we have received allegations of abuse in more than 1,950 institutions. For this purpose we define an institution as a separate body which may be part of a large organisation. For example, an individual parish or school may be part of a larger denominational structure.

In 168 of these institutions, we have received allegations from five or more victims.

There are also 13 institutions where we have received allegations from 30 or more victims.

Although the Royal Commission has been given significant resources, they could never be sufficient to allow the examination of more than a relatively small selection of the institutions in which we are aware there have been problems.

I am sorry that many people will be disappointed that their particular institution and their own story will not be publicly examined.

Justice McClellan
 March 31, 2014
2014 Families Australia Oration

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