dinsdag, maart 01, 2016


Andrew Collins: Email sent  requesting a meeting with the Pope last week.
We were told we could only make a formal request via fax,  fax sent ” 
“We are flying back to Australia on Friday and we’d like to think we can get a meeting”.
 “We’re getting a little bit tired of hearing what George is saying up there one the stand. We want to be heard. We want someone to show that they care about us.
“You guys are watching Pell up there. He’s giving us nothing. He’s turned his back on us. We want a commitment from the pope that children will be safe.”
David Ridsdale “We’ve seen here a lack of systems that were able to identify and deal with any problems Too many people said ‘I didn’t think it was my job’ to protect children, he told reporters.
Nagle we're  were no longer interested in Pell’s offer to meet with them.  

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