zaterdag, mei 10, 2014

tu protección descienda a través nuestras manos;

¨Dar la palabra al nino sordo es alabrar a dios ¨

padre Antonio Provolo

Usted abuso

Don Eligio Small (resident at the Institute Provolo Verona)
Don Rino Corradi (resident at the Institute Provolo-Chievo Verona)
Don Danilo Corradi (resident at the Institute Provolo-Chievo Verona)
Don Alcide Tovo (Institute Provolo resident at Verona)
Don Vasco Dal Dosso (Institute Provolo resident at Verona)
Don Augustine Micheloni (Institute Provolo resident at Verona)
Don Henry Zerbato (former priest) (resident in Dossobuono VR)
Don Luigi Colognato (former priest) (residing in Verona)
Don Giovanni Granuzzo (upper Provolo Institute La Plata - Argentina)
Don Nicola Corradi (Institute Provolo resident at La Plata - Argentina)
Don Giuseppe Pernigotti (SS Gratiliano pastor and Felicissima - Fabrica (Rome)
Brother Rizzi Erminio (resident in Gazzo Veronese VR)
Sergio Brother Bear (lay brother interviewed by L'Espresso)
Brother Spinelli (resident in Argentina c / o Institute Provolo La Plata)

Don Joseph Carter
Don Aleardo Zecchini
Don Giovanni Pasqualini
Don Aquilino
Don Giuseppe Viliotti
Don Lino Viliotti
Don Giovanni Turati
From the Castle Brother Brother Aggio
Brother Allori
Brother Lino Gugole (d. August 2011)
Don Albano Mattioli (d. January 14, 2013) (in Argentina from 1965 to 2007 c / o Institute Provolo La Plata)

Italian victims of priestly sex abuse appealed directly to Pope Francis for justice Friday, calling for a commission of inquiry into the problem in the Vatican's backyard.

In letters and a video posted online, 17 survivors denounced the treatment they have received by the Italian Catholic Church and the Vatican itself. Half of them are former students of a notorious school for the deaf in Verona where hundreds of children are believed to have been sexually assaulted over the years by two dozen priests and religious brothers.

The "Abuse Network" organization, one of the most active in Italy, said it sent a copy of the video to the Vatican's deputy secretary of state, Monsignor Angelo Becciu, addressed to the pope. There was no comment Friday from the Vatican on whether it had been received or viewed.

In a letter to Francis sent last month, the Verona deaf victims called for a commission of inquiry to be set up as has been done in Ireland and Australia to investigate the depths of the scandal in Italy.

The Abuse Network has posted online the names of some 150 Italian priests it says have been convicted by Italian courts since 2000 for abuse-related crimes in a bid to show that the problem is very real in Italy. Yet the Italian bishops' conference has been slow to respond to the problem and only this year released Vatican-mandated guidelines for how to protect children.

Victims groups, however, have cried foul since the guidelines say bishops have no legal obligation to report abuse to police, only a moral obligation.

One of Francis' key advisers, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, has said such shortcomings in the policies of national bishops' conferences are likely to be addressed by the pope's new sexual abuse advisory board.  

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