woensdag, november 13, 2013

Victoria: Betrayal of Trust

"[...] The criminal abuse of children involves extremely serious breaches of
the laws of our community.

Those who engage in it, or are in a position of authority and conceal such
offences, should be dealt with under the criminallaw.

Non-government organisations must be expected to adequately protect children in their care and respond to any allegations of criminal offences by reporting to the police and relevant authorities.


While often confronting,
it was a privilege to hear and read the hundreds of accounts of adult victims who
courageously provided their evidence in hearings and submissions.

Those accounts contributed significantly to our understanding of the harm
caused by the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children.

We acknoledge those victims who were unable to participate in the Inquiry - who remain locked in silence,
who found the re-telling of their experiences too traumatic, or

who have taken their lives as a consequence of their lifelong internal struggle and pain.
The evidence provided by parents and family members also helped us to gain greater
insight into the wide-ranging effects of criminal child abuse in organisations.
We heard how parents and others feel deeply responsible and naive for
having placed their trust in individuals and organisations that ultimately betrayed them. "

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