zaterdag, februari 14, 2015

Die Philosophen haben die Welt nur

Emily-Sky Collins

think global, recycle local: bewerkte kwispeldoor

Carol Pye, a clinical and forensic psychologist in Nova Scotia who has looked at restorative justice in sexual assault cases, said not enough research has been done on its impact. For example, women who have been assaulted may be harmed by bringing them together with the accused. “Looking at restorative justice from the perspective of a scientist, we are in the infancy of evaluating who is it good for,” Dr. Pye said.

>¨The people identified as affected by a student's actions will be contacted directly by the case manager. At that time, a full explanation and an opportunity for questions will take place. Participation is completely voluntary, however the affected party will be invited to participate.
You are encouraged to bring a support person but if you don't wish to participate, a spokesperson may represent you at the table.¨<

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