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Thanks giving; Message to Australia and Thank You card


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To date the Royal Commission has held over 1,000 private sessions. Many of those sessions were facilitated by stakeholders such as yourselves.

Many individuals who have attended private sessions have wanted to commemorate their experience in some way.

From 2014, the Chair of the Royal Commission, Justice Peter McClellan, will offer people who have attended a private session a thank you card and invite anyone who has shared their story at a private session to provide a ‘Message to Australia’. There are more details on these two initiatives below.

From 10 February 2014, people attending a private session will receive a ‘thank you’ pack at the end of their private session.

If you, or an individual you have helped, attended a private session during 2013 and would like to receive a thank you card or provide your ‘Message to Australia’, please call the Royal Commission on 1800 099 340 or email us on the address below.

Thank You card
We are enormously grateful to all those who have come forward, and helped others to come forward, to tell their story to the Royal Commission in a private session, and, as a gesture of our appreciation for your contribution, we would like to provide all attendees with a signed ‘thank you’ card.

Message to Australia

The Royal Commission is making a book called ‘Message to Australia’. The book will be made up of messages from people who have attended a private session.

It is an opportunity for people who have attended a private session to send a simple message to the Australian community about their experience of institutional child sexual abuse and their hopes for creating a safer environment for children in the future.

At the end of the Royal Commission, the book will be kept at the National Library of Australia, where it will be available to members of the public and preserved for future generations. Please call 1800 099 340 or email us to have a message included.

For specific stakeholder enquiries or to request a thank you card please email us at stakeholders@childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au

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