zondag, februari 02, 2014

ABC Four Corners: Institutional childhood abuse of orphans haunts generations


"Special thanks are also due to prominent ABC radio journalist, Emily Bourke, for her efforts in getting the ABC to agree to re-run the program. Emily does the AM, PM, Radio National and World Today programs, and has helped the author cope with the disappointment of not being given permission by chief commissioner, Peter McClellan, to appear before the commission.

Readers are strongly urged to watch the program, and to tell as many other people as possible about it.
It would also be good if someone could record so that it can be posted on-line, if the ABC agrees, with all due acknowledgement, or be available for viewing by those unable to watch it live on Saturday night.

[First person comment: Unlimited thanks to Quentin, Emily and Morag.]

TOMORROW: What the officials did and didn’t do

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