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Bonney Djuric is a former resident and the founder of Parragirls, a network of women who lived at the facility, and the co-founder of the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Memory Project. 

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She’s also a historian and one of the artists who drove the creation of this project.


Daily Review was given a preview of the project this week

It’s impossible for the vast majority of us to begin to understand the experiences of the young ‘children at risk’ who were held at the Parramatta Girls Home up until the early 1980s. Many of those girls were subjected to horrific punishments and sexual abuse during their time living at the facility, which was in operation as a girls home for almost a century.
But a new multimedia art project, called Parragirls Past, Present takes visitors on a virtual tour of the facility, guided by voiceover narrations telling the stories of the young women who lived inside the institution. They challenge the official narratives and tell personal histories about what they experienced throughout the facility.
The 20-minute work is open to the public for the next two months in the University of New South Wales’ EPICentre at Paddington, which houses the world’s highest resolution 3D, 360-degree immersive environment. To experience the work, visitors don 3D headsets, and walk into a chamber with screens on all sides.
Daily Review was given a preview of the project this week, and the experience is immediately confronting and arresting. It’s both literally and figuratively immersive, as the vivid stories and memories of these women combine with the transportive video technology.

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