dinsdag, november 29, 2016

Top secret Edinburgh En ze lagen niet in de verwarmingskelder !

Deetmans Chipshol?

Je dossier jatten uit de verwarmingskelder?

Da's zó achterhaald !!

Dat Recht op Informatie heeft de Schotse Rechterlijk Macht  in Edinburgh kennelijk maar 's effe goed aangepakt: rekenen op het zelf-initiatief van betrokkenen en de deur open laten staan.

Zou wel 's een hoop geld kunnen besparen:
als de dijken breken

28 - 11 - 2016 
The Crown Office is expecting a flood of new sexual offence cases associated with the ongoing Scottish Child Abuse inquiry as more victims come forward.
Catriona Dalrymple, procurator fiscal for police and engagement said that the courts can expect a spate of new cases: “We already deal with cases of historic and institutional abuse, but because of the ongoing Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry we may receive more of these cases or inquiries from survivors about their cases,” she said.
She explained that new training will be given to prosecutors to ensure they can “engage effectively with survivors”.
The Crown Office previously commissioned a video entitled Safe To Say telling the story of a man who was abused as a child after being taken into care and his fight for justice.
Ms Dalrymple explained that his story was “vital” in understanding the nature of abuse.
She said: “He talks not just about physical, sexual and emotional abuse, but things like educational abuse.
“Our prosecutors need to be aware of that, and the major impact on life chances that can have on victims. They will be aware once they’ve listened to Andy’s experience.”

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