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Royal Commission If you're ready to share your story, we're ready to listen.

As Newcastle's Anglican Bishop Greg Thompson urges his diocese to come to terms with the church's handling of child sexual abuse, he has admitted that he too was a victim of abuse.
Members of the Synod took part in an historic vote at the weekend, making a formal apology from the Newcastle Diocese, acknowledging it actively discouraged those who reported abuse.
Synod members watched video interviews of two Newcastle priests recounting harrowing stories of their own experience of being sexually abused as children.
Earlier this year, Bishop Thompson marked 500 days in the top job, fighting tears as he apologised to victims for past church cover-ups and the poor handling of complaints about child sexual abuse.
This morning Bishop Thompson revealed to 1233 ABC Newcastle's Aaron Kearney he has been making his own journey as a survivor.
"Well, I'm both a Bishop, but also a survivor," he said.
"I'm someone who has also faced that journey.
"I'm working through that personally, and as someone who is committed to being with people, I do that out of my experience and out of a deep longing for people to be loved.
Aaron Kearney: You joined the Church that did wrong by you?

Bishop calls for reflection after priest's death

A suspected paedophile Anglican priest has been found dead in his Hunter home while awaiting a hearing into child sex abuse allegations.
Reverend Campbell Brown was accused of abuse at the North Coast Children's Home dating back more than 50 years.
Evidence of the abuse was recently heard by the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.
It is understood Brown was awaiting a Diocesan Professional Standards hearing but was found dead in his Hunter home on Sunday.
Newcastle Anglican Bishop Greg Thompson has sent a letter to Members of the Synod saying "the burdens people carry can lead to awful consequences".
He says people should be mindful of those who bear great struggles of mind and spirit and how important it is to share the burden with others.
Bishop Thompson has invited the diocese to enter a time of prayer and reflection on their loss and heartache.
Anyone wanting to discuss issues raised in this story can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Police renew calls for Anglican clergy abuse victims to come forward

Royal commission on child sex abuse moves focus to Anglicans

■BISHOP Greg Thompson has urged people who have experienced sexual abuse to contact Newcastle police Strike Force Arinya-2, in a pastoral letter to be read to parishioners this weekend. ‘‘I know that many of you will be shocked and surprised by the continued and necessary public scrutiny of the diocese,’’ the bishop said. 
People requiring support to go to police, or counselling or other support from the diocese, can contact director of professional standards and former police officer Michael Elliott 


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46       THE CHAIR:   Bishop, thank you for your evidence today and        

 1       We are grateful for what you have had to say and the
 2       contribution you have made to our work.  You are now
3       formally excused from the summons that you received.
5       THE WITNESS:   Thank you.


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