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Case 33 Australie Salvation Army dag 4 RCAU: "When you're ready to talk, we' re ready to listen"

In the early days, when
you'd go to your local police officer and try to make      
a report, you'd probably end up with a nice big boot in
your tail and be sent out and told not to be stupid.

These days, Victoria Police are treating every sexual      
assault as serious and are taking them seriously and        
they're following them through.  As a kid, I had no respect
for the police force, for that reason ‐ we weren't      

My views have changed, and I guess it comes with age,      
that our views have changed by the actions of Victoria      
Police taking everything seriously and covering every      
avenue to bring these people to justice.

Mr Reece, thank you for your attendance at the Royal      
Commission, and you are now excused.

09/10/2015 (C109)        C11329      A G HALL (Ms David)                          
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Q.   So you would agree that it was essential that officers      
in The Salvation Army's line of command ensured that their        
own Regulations and Orders were complied with to ensure the      
protection of those children?
A.   Correct.

Q.   And you would agree ‐ which you already have ‐ that in      
failing to follow your own Orders and Regulations The      
Salvation Army failed children in each of those      
A.   We did.      

MS DAVID:   If your Honour pleases, I'm about to change      
topics.  I'm about to move to the claim process.  Given the      
opening statement this morning, I'd like some time to    

consider how I go about that.


 .09/10/2015 (C109)        C11400      F J TIDD (Ms David)                           
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 THE PRESIDING MEMBER:   We'll adjourn now until 10am on    

.09/10/2015 (C109)        C11401      F J TIDD (Ms David)                  
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