zondag, augustus 31, 2014

Zuster Zwart; 186 Magdalene survivors now receiving redress payments; vrijheid geef je door the old boys network

Irish Examiner


Noel Baker

Some 186 survivors of the Magdalene laundries are now receiving payments under the Government’s new redress scheme.

Figures provided by the Department of Social Protection show that since the weekly payments commenced in June, 186 women are now receiving the payment, which is one of the steps recommended in the Magdalene Commission Report, also known as the Quirke Report.

The figures also reveal that in the year to August 19, €387,785 had been paid to Magdalene Survivors living overseas — and €366,826 of that amount was paid in the one month period to August 19.
Recipients living overseas receive a monthly payment, while those living in Ireland receive it weekly.

The level of the payment due is calculated based on current Department of Social Protection payments, if applicable, to ensure that women under the age of 66 will receive a payment of no less than €100 per week, while women aged 66 or over will receive a payment of no less than €230.30 per week.

According to the department: “There are 49 of these women living abroad and payments made to overseas accounts are paid monthly totalling €38,710.24.
“The remaining 137 women are living in Ireland and they receive weekly payments totalling €11,753.96 per week.”

A spokesperson for the Department said the amount paid out so far includes arrears.

According to Claire McGettrick, co-founder of Adoption Rights Alliance and Justice for Magdalenes Research, not all women entitled to a payment have applied for one and some that have accepted less than they might be entitled to.

“The problem is the burden of proof seems to be on the women to prove they were there [in the laundries],” she said.

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