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# 43 RCAU

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing to inquire into the response of Catholic Church authorities in the Maitland-Newcastle region to allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy and religious.

The public hearing will commence on 31 August 2016 in Newcastle.

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New Castle Herald
En dan na zo'n 30 minuutjes internationale scholing: 

en de groeten van
 rkk Meldpunt Maliebaan 
licorice is heerlijk
                                                           als je nadenkt en herkauwt nog veeeeeeel mooier !  En dát is verdomd lekker

wil jij niet meezingen jij zingt vals

21 I recall that at that time I decided that I would speak to Sr Evelyn Woodward, another member of my congregation. about how to go about reporting what I had been told. Sister Woodward was a trained counsellor, and I thought that with her training and experience, she would have greater knowledge and experience  to deal with the matter than I fell I had.  
22 I recall telling Sr Jackson that I planned lo speak with Sr WoodWard, and she also thought that was a good Idea. 
23 That afternoon, I tned to reach Sr Woodward by telephone, but was unable to reach her. At that time Sr Woodward and I lived in the same convent in Merewether, and I spolte to her that evening about the matter. 
24 I told SrWoodward what I had heard at school that day. I recall that she said that she thought It best to notify Mons. Cotler, and she said that she would take the responsibility for doing this. 
25 My recollection is that Mons. Cotter was away from the Merewether Parish that evening, and that Sr Woodward went to see him the following day. 

Free - Woodward : “Was that just because you saw your role as being to report the matter up the chain and once that had occurred, you were leaving it to others to deal with?”

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