dinsdag, oktober 21, 2014

I am  a model, I am real 
Pope Francis seems for over a year and a half, to have made as his highest priority, protecting Catholic cardinals and bishops from prosecution, especially related to allegations of child abuse and/or related cover-ups and of financial corruption, (A) by easing out, quietly and with minimal recriminations, controversial hierarchs by
comfortable retirements, demotions or transfers (O’Brien, Brady, Tebartz-van Elst (Bling Bishop), Liveries, Burke, Rigali, even Wesolowski so far, et al.), and
(B) by trying to co-opt completely all independent government investigations of hierarchs with Vatican controlled and secretive proceedings (especially Archbishop Wesolowski), that conveniently also protect against disclosures about other hierarchs that may have been implicated.
We already saw how the Vatican orchestrates “criminal trials” in the absurd “staged trial” of the ex-Pope’s butler. Wesolowski’s trial should be even more staged and absurd.
The Vatican has no experience with criminal trials of serious crimes like child sex abuse, even if the Vatican were sincere about this, which as a lawyer I doubt they are by trying Wesolowski at “home”.
Archbishop Wesolowski  served in numerous countries over more than three decades. He could well have in his 100,000+ computer files of child porn related links. evidence of contacts with other pedophiles in the worldwide hierarchy — who knows, but why did Francis have him smuggled, in effect, back to the Vatican?
Pope Francis must know well by now that escalating Vatican scandals involving child sex abuse and rampant financial corruption present an unprecedented crisis. These scandals are rapidly reducing papal moral authority and Vatican wealth, while papal rigidity on sexual morality is straining belief in papal infallibility, all together diminishing papal power and influence.
These accelerating challenges have already led to the sudden and first papal resignation in 600 years and to the unexpected and “engineered” installation of an elderly replacement with limited international experience. Will a rapidly aging and potentially unsuccessful Francis soon be the second pope to resign in 600 years?
Indeed, the Archbishop of Malta, a decade younger than Francis, has just unexpectedly resigned early for “health reasons”, reportedly related to “earlier exhaustion” from his unsuccessful “culture war” against divorce in Malta. This is also especially timely and ironic as German bishops relentlessly pushed recently at the Synod to welcome divorced and remarried Catholics and their families back to the German Catholic Church. Of course, German bishops also seek to regain the related and very generous automatic per capita government tax subsidy for German bishops that is not paid with respect to divorced Catholics who elect to be exiles from the German Catholic Church.

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