woensdag, juni 20, 2018

Fiscal Arias por incautación de documentos eclesiásticos: “En Chile todos estamos sometidos a la justicia ordinaria” Chilean law enforcement question Vatican sex abuse envoy at airport

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chilean prosecutors said on Tuesday they questioned the Vatican’s top sex abuse investigator as he prepared to fly out of the country following a fact-finding and reconciliation mission ordered by the Pope.

Raúl Guzmán, a prosecutor based in the capital Santiago, said he “interrogated” Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta in the police station at Santiago airport in relation to an abuse case involving 25 Marist brothers and 30 alleged victims.

“We arranged an interview with Charles Scicluna that took place in the offices of the investigative police in the airport before his flight,” he told journalists.

At a press conference hours earlier, Scicluna said the Vatican was committed to working with the Chilean civil authorities to get justice for the victims.

Asked whether he would make public a 2,300-page report he had produced following an earlier visit to Chile in February, Scicluna said the decision was up to Pope Francis, adding that the Church’s “freedom and autonomy” should be respected.

“Every demand and petition must be sent to him who as the leader of the church ... has jurisdiction,” he told reporters.

The latest events come as the Church and the state address a growing abuse and cover-up scandal that has damaged the reputation of the Andean country’s most popular religion.

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