dinsdag, april 24, 2018

"I understand that the sale of churches causes pain and sadness for church members as well as the wider local community. They have been an important part of our Tasmanian heritage," he said.
"However, our commitment to justice, recognition and support of survivors through providing redress underlies the need for this sacrifice."

Tasmanian Anglican Bishop confirms asset sales won't all go to victims of sex abuse

The Anglican Church will keep three quarters of the proceeds from its property sales, in an effort to "keep the people of God doing their ministry" in Tasmanian communities.
All up, the 120 properties earmarked for sale make up half the church's assets in the state.
Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, the Right Reverend Richard Condie, said the move was to fund redress for survivors of child sexual abuse, which he estimates will cost $8 million.
But only one quarter of the proceeds of the sales will go to redress, with three quarters going back into parishes.
"We want to be able to fund redress, that's the number one thing we're trying to do here, [while] at the same time keep the people of God doing their ministry in local places," he said.

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