woensdag, december 13, 2017

Message to Australia Final Report. Final sitting to thank community


“When we began in 2013 we had no idea just how widespread or prevalent child sexual abuse in institutions was in Australia, or how many people would come forward to share their story
Since then we have held 57 public hearings, where we sat for 444 days and heard evidence of more than 1300 witnesses. Commissioners have also listened to the personal accounts of almost 8000 survivors of child sexual abuse in institutions through private sessions.
Combined with our comprehensive policy and research program, the royal commission has been able to contribute to the community’s understanding and awareness of institutional child sexual abuse.”
Mr Reed acknowledged the work of thousands of individuals through the life of the royal commission, including survivors, academics, legal practitioners, government representatives and advocacy and support groups.
We couldn’t have achieved what we have so far without the input and support of so many

The Royal Commission has now adjourned.
On 15 December 2017 the Royal Commission will present a Final Report covering its investigations to the Governor-General. The Final Report will make recommendations that aim to support and inform Australian governments, institutions and the general public in preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. In addition the Final Report will document, for the public record, the experiences of people affected by this abuse. The report will be many volumes and cover areas including:
  • Understanding the nature, cause and impact of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts
  • What was learnt from private sessions
  • Child safe institutions
  • Findings about institutions
  • Interventions and treatment for children with harmful sexual behaviours
  • The need for advocacy, support and therapeutic treatment services
  • Redress and civil litigation
  • Criminal justice system.

Once the report is submitted to the Governor-General, it will be subsequently tabled in the Australian Parliament by the Government and then be made public. It is up to the Australian Governments and institutions to decide what actions will be taken regarding the Royal Commission’s recommendations. The report will be available publicly online after it is tabled.

Book ‘Message to Australia’ gave those who bravely told their story to the Royal Commission an opportunity to share a short message with the Australian community about their experience and hopes for creating a safer future for children. The messages will be published in a commemorative book and presented to the National Library of Australia on 14 December. The book is a tribute to survivors’ courage in coming forward to tell their stories and provides a public record of their experience.

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