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Unable to tell his family – who thought Ryan was a great priest – the abuse continued each Sunday he served at the altar, and progessively worsened. One Sunday in about 1985 Ryan was trying to force CNE to perform oral sex on him when “the sacristy door opened and a male parishioner came in”, saw what was happening, and left without saying a word. His voice quavering, CNE told how at 14 he abused another child, saying he thought his actions were normal because a priest had been “doing these things to me” and he grew up believing that “everything priests did was godly and righteous”. At 16, he was big enough to stand up to Ryan, who then left him alone.
He confided the abuse to his mother in about 2000. He said she later saved his life when she rushed to his house overwhelmed by an urge to see him. He had been about to hang himself.
In 2008, he was jailed for abusing the other child, and found to his horror that Ryan was also in Long Bay.

to Long Bay Jail, where Ryan was also incarcerated for some of his crimes.
When he complained to a prison officer about Ryan’s presence he was  told he would be on the next truck to Junee prison if he made a commotion.
He spoke to police and his case went trial. Ryan changed his plea to guilty on the first day.
He said Ryan’s abuse had destroyed his life.
“While I am having to live with the consequences of Father Ryan’s sexual abuse, my hope is that by telling my story, I can prevent the same thing happening to another small child,” CNE said.


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