dinsdag, april 05, 2016

‘Who were you going to tell? Would they believe you? ’ Mount Cashel Civil Trial Begins at Supreme Court


Hughes Report

 April 4 2016 

A civil trial involving the victims of Mount Cashel, the Catholic Church, and the Christian Brothers began today at Supreme Court in St. John's. The complainants were all residents of the orphanage between the 1940s and 1960s. The trial is set to be lengthy, and will continue into June.
In his opening statement this morning, lawyer Mark Frederick said the Archdiocese is not responsible for the faults of the Christian Brothers, who he says essentially acted as wardens at Mount Cashel. Lawyer for the victims, Geoff Budden, says the church has not done anything to adequately address the years of sexual and physical abuse suffered by the boys who once lived at the orphanage.



Only weeks before his arrest, Lahey announced the results of a $15-million settlement for victims of abuse in the diocese dating back to the 1950s. About six weeks after the announcement, he had been arrested.


Bishop porn issue known to N.L. church in 1989

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