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Catholics for a free choice : The vaticans agenda in the European Union; de kruisbestuiving en de fu*cking cockatoo; George Pells 20 000 dollar per dag advocaat


update 22-12

"zo waarlijk helpe mij God almachtig " aan 20.000 dollar per dag  

In 2012, the victim, John Roach, received an apology and $75,000 compensation after the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne accepted he had been sexually abused by Father John Walshe, a parish priest based at Mentone in Melbourne's south east.
Father Walshe denies he abused Mr Roach
John RoachMr Roach left the seminary in 1983, but two years later decided to return and had a meeting with the new rector, Cardinal Pell.
"In the course of the interview, he asked me why did I leave in the first place and I told him one of the principal reasons I left in the first place was that I had been abused by a priest," Mr Roach said
"He said, 'I have got to ask you this, can you name the priest?' and I said 'sure, he is Father John Walshe', and he went, 'OK'."

'No doubt sexual abuse occurred': Peter O'Callaghan QC

In 2012, the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, apologised to Mr Roach for the "wrongs and hurt" he suffered at the hands of Father Walshe.
Mr Roach was offered the maximum compensation payment allowed under the church's complaints process, the Melbourne Response.

Father Walshe was allowed to continue running the Mentone-Parkdale parish.
In his final report on the complaint, the lawyer appointed by the church to investigate the case, Peter O'Callaghan QC, was satisfied Mr Roach had been sexually abused.
He defined sexual abuse as: "conduct of a sexual nature that is inconsistent with the public vows, integrity of the ministerial relationship, duties or professional responsibilities of church personnel."
Although Mr O'Callaghan made no finding on which man's version of events should be believed, the final report said, "there is no doubt that sexual abuse occurred" because "a reasonable inference to be drawn is that J [the priest] had a degree of influence and control over the Seminarian".
The finding was not based on any legal interpretation of sexual abuse.
"It can be denied by Walshe till hell freezes over, but the Church accepted my case," Mr Roach said.
The ABC has sought comment from Archbishop Hart and Cardinal Pell.

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