dinsdag, september 01, 2015

Pope to allow all priests to forgive abortion during Holy Year

 01 September 2015 

Pope Francis will give all priests discretion to formally forgive women who have had abortions and seek absolution during the Roman Catholic Church's upcoming Holy Year.

It is the pontiff's latest move towards a more open and inclusive church.

In a letter published by the Vatican today, Pope Francis described the "existential and moral ordeal" faced by women who have terminated pregnancies and said he had "met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of this agonising and painful decision".

In church teaching, abortion is such a grave sin that those who procure or perform it incur an automatic excommunication.

It can usually only be formally forgiven by the chief confessor of a diocese - known by the Italian term "penitenziere" - or a Christian missionary, a Vatican spokesman said.


Let op: dat geldt dus óók voor 9-jarige door (stief)vaders verkrachtte meisjes
 met tweelingzwangerschappen

echter niet


voor stompzinnige advocaten  -zelfs niet als zij nederlanders zijn -
die menen
het nodige te weten omdat zij als kind ook wel eens
in  de kerk zijn geweest
en een tostie hebben gekregen

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