dinsdag, oktober 25, 2016

# 45 RCAU


Thank you CLG
maar die rare zin: you're now excused werkt niet.
Dank je wel!

 It will be when the thoughts and times 
 Of memories and pain invade my mind 
 When solitary memories come crashing 
 through the door 
When the vacuum that engulfs them
When the secret that enflames them 
Raises through my feet and penetrates my 

But for now the dance is over 
I cannot waltz another step 
My everything is spent 
Sleep will soon engulf me 
And give me time to rest 

This dance had taken many things 
My spirit, soul, my everything 
But flames that once climbed high 
Through a mad and insane fire 
Now they die 

I have lost more than I've gained 
But I'm sane 
No-one can see my pain 
Impact of the abuse on intimate relationships. 

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